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Balloons For Potty Training? This Preschool Teacher's 'Hack' Is Genius And Funny!
  • Moms patiently wait for the day when their little ones — usually between 18 months and 3 years old — show they are ready for potty training. But while teaching them to urinate and poop on their own is important, it’s also crucial for kids to learn the next, oft-overlooked chapter of toilet training: how to wipe their own butt.

    Toddlers might not yet have the motor skills necessary to clean themselves, and so it’s perfectly fine if mom or dad to wash their behind for them. But by the time kids reach preschool, they’ll need to know this life skill when they’re left to go potty on their own. If you’re trying to figure out the best way to show your child how to do an accurate and thorough wiping (or washing), you can cop this brilliant hack that a teacher came up with to teach her students.

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    In a Twitter video uploaded by user @gnuman1979, a teacher is seen sitting on a chair with two balloons tied behind her, while her students sit behind her in similar chairs with two balloons tied at the back.

    The teacher then shows a tiss . ue to her students and then proceeds to demonstrate a slow front-to-back wipe between the balloons, which of course look like a person’s butt cheeks. She then folds the tissue in half before wiping her “butt” again. She folds the tissue again for a final wipe, and in those precious 15 seconds, you can see the students sitting very still and watching attentively.


    What other parents are reading

    Unsurprisingly, the video has gone viral and has been viewed over 4.2. million times. But users have mixed reactions about it — some say it’s an invaluable lesson that should be taught in all schools, while other people say it’s a lesson best taught by parents at home.

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    Some parents also think that instead of teaching kids how to wipe, we should be teaching them how to wash their behind properly instead.

    While we know parents might already be teaching this skill at home, kids will learn how to do it properly with practice and repetition. So we have to hand it to the teacher for her excellent demonstration. It’s a valuable lesson for preschoolers!

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    And though we agree that washing with soap and water is the best method, knowing how to wipe properly is also needed in situations when water is not available (and knowing the state of our public restrooms). Even more crucial is making kids understand why you should wipe or wash front to back, especially for girls: it keeps the bacteria away from your private parts so you avoid illnesses like urinary tract infections.

    Lastly, whatever method you use, don’t forget to teach your kids to wash their hands properly before leaving the bathroom. It’s still the best way to prevent infections and diseases!

    How can you tell if your child is not yet ready to be potty trained? Click here to know the signs and avoid health issues.

    What other parents are reading

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