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  • Andi Eigenmann Says Raising 3 Kids 'Doesn't Mean We Learn To Split Our Heart Into Pieces'

    While caring for her children, Andi shares the motherhood lessons she's picked up along the way.
    by Czainnah Gajito .
Andi Eigenmann Says Raising 3 Kids 'Doesn't Mean We Learn To Split Our Heart Into Pieces'
PHOTO BY (FROM LEFT) Instagram/andieigengirl, Aaron Forcadilla
  • Life in the island may be more laidback, but now that she is a mom of three, Andi Eigenmann is busier than ever. After all, most parents would agree that raising a child — let alone three kids of different ages — is no walk in the park.

    Andi's beautiful messages on motherhood

    The former actress has been gracious enough to share beautiful moments with her family — her  fiancé Philmar Alipayo, and three children Ellie, 9, Lilo, 2, and Koa, 7 months old —  on her vlog and social media accounts. Seeing glimpses of her life as a mother has become a source of inspiration to many.

    In her captions, Andi also shares valuable motherhood lessons that may just be what you need to hear right now.

    On taking care of your kids

    “Having three kids doesn't mean we learn to split our heart into pieces”

    In a recent post, Andi shares that a part of her feels missing whenever her eldest, Ellie, isn't around. Since she co-parents with Ellie's dad, Jake Ejercito, the tween splits her time in Siargao, where their family is based, and in Manila, where her dad is.


    Having said that, the mom of three also added her realization that just because you have multiple children doesn't mean you have to split your heart into pieces. “Mothers just have this innate capability of having our hearts grow big enough to have more and more love to give,” she notes.

    “I cherish this gift so much because it is the most important thing we can offer our kids,” she adds.

    Andi also became sentimental at the thought of Ellie growing into her own person and knows that at some point, she has to let her daughter become independent and make her own decisions. “I just have to constantly remind myself that I committed to raising my little girl in order to find her true and authentic self so that she could live her happiest and best life. Not so that she could stay with me forever and keep me comfortable,” she shares.

    “If we believe in our kids, they'll believe in themselves, too”

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    Lilo's first time swimming in a rock pool, which is a rocky area by the seashore filled with seawater, prompted Andi to talk about learning not to hold back our children. While her kids are used to doing water activities since they live in Siargao island, the mom admits that she still gets nervous letting them try these things for the first time. 

    “But I do my best to keep it to myself because it wouldn't be fair to hold them back just because of my own fears and worries. If we believe in our kids, they'll believe in themselves too,” the mom says, adding that letting your child take risks allows them to become more independent and learn how to take care of themselves.

    On asking for help

    “It's been great fun being a hands on mama, but... It's also super OK to ask for help” 

    Mothers are viewed as superheroes with all of the feats they do for their children and family, but it's also the reason why they are exhausted all the time. In one of her Instagram posts, Andi recalls that with Koa starting solids and becoming more active, her life as a mother became harder especially as she has two other kids to take care of.


    Good thing she has found a life and parenting partner in Philmar, which she shared with us in our Smart Parenting Exclusive back in May 2021. Andi shares she's grateful to have found a life and parenting partner in Philmar, and that she's been vocal about letting each other enjoy their 'me-time.'

    On Instagram, the mom notes, “It's been great fun being a hands on mama, but guys! Just in case you need a reminder too.. It's also super OK to ask for help.” 

    On loving your body

    “Strive to become a version of yourself that you love and makes you happy so that you can be a great example to your children too” 

    Andi has always been open about her postpartum journey. Back in February 2021, the mom shared that she hasn't been “feeling like herself lately” but was inspired to get back into shape because she knew that feeling bad about herself may affect her children. 

    “I've found that a great way to parent (in my opinion), is to strive to become a version of yourself that you love and makes you happy so that you can be a great example to your children too,” she writes in a post, saying that she has decided to work on herself until she “feels the way she used to” again. After all, learning to love yourself and your body can have positive effects on your children, too!


    On spending time with your partner

    “Just like self-care, we often forget the importance of also taking the time together as a couple”

    Relationship experts agree that even after having kids, the one you need to prioritize the most is your relationship with your significant other. After all, your children will thrive if they see that they are part of a stable family.

    Andi knows this as well, which is why in her New Year 2021 post, the mom made a resolution to spend more time with her fiance shared that one of her resolutions is to spend more time with her fiancé

    She writes, “Fam life has been so much fun! We love spending time with our kids and them just being around us 100% of the time. But just like self- care, we often forget the importance of also taking the time together as a couple. This will be one of my resolutions for the year! Making room for some quality time with my fiancé, just like old times!”


    It's a nice reminder for all the mothers out there to not only prioritize their children but also their relationship with their respective partners. It is ultimately what will help them raise their children even better. 

    Additional text by Kitty Elicay

    Check out our exclusive interview with Andi Eigenmann here.

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