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  • From Socks to Diaper Bags, 15 Parenting Hacks That Will Change Your Family's Life!

    If it saves a few minutes of a parent's time, then it's worth it.
    by Kitty Elicay .
From Socks to Diaper Bags, 15 Parenting Hacks That Will Change Your Family's Life!
PHOTO BY @mommyhacksofficial/Instagram
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  • Parenting is one of the hardest things in the world. Yes, we say it here all the time at SmartParenting.com.ph, but it doesn’t make it any less true. It’s why parents are the best when it comes to hacks and shortcuts — desperate times call for desperate measures! Hey, if it makes life with kids a little easier, who would want to refuse?

    We’ve compiled 15 of the best parenting hacks we found online that will change your family’s life

    1. The 'ol switcheroo

    It's not medicine, it's Pepsi from r/funny

    Toddlers hate medicine and they seem to always know if you’re about to give them one. So, one parent from Reddit came up with a nifty trick — user @bsurfn2day hid the meds behind a can of soda and put the straw inside the medicine cup!

    If you don’t want to fool your toddler with soda, you can hide it behind his milk or juice. But make sure you’ve measured the correct dosage before trying this.

    Find other ways to get your toddler to take his medicine here.

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    2. Genius grocery hack


    Laura Castrillo, a mom of three, made waves when she revealed this simple cart trick a year ago. It showed his son easily getting in and out of the shopping cart with a simple lift of the panel that gets pushed back when the shopping carts are lined up. Not only will it relieve you of backache from lifting your kids in and out of the cart, but it’s also pretty helpful for every parent out there who have their hands full trying to handle a restless child but who still need to get the grocery done.

    Read more about the hack here.

    3. Diaper bag for dad

    We all think dads should have their fair share of parenting duties and that includes changing baby’s nappies when the family is out and about. Unfortunately, it’s really easier said than done — not all men’s restrooms have diaper-changing tables.

    That’s why this handy dad took matters into his own hands and created a diaper bag that transforms into a changing station! User @KimcheeBreath uploaded his step by step on Reddit, showing how the bag opens up and lays securely on your lap (there’s a strap that wraps around your waist to prevent it from sliding off!) so you can change nappies almost anywhere. His hard work definitely impressed a lot of fellow parents!

    watch now

    Want stylish and functional diaper bag options for you, mom? Click here.

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    4. Anti-slip socks

    You want to encourage your little one to cruise and walk on his own, but you also want to avoid slips and tumbles while he learns. One mom’s solution? Use 3D fabric paint to make booties, socks, or onesies slip-proof!

    Read another hack for your socks here.

    5. Childproof power outlets


    Electrical outlets are a magnet for curious toddlers, but Brittany Kurtz, a mom from Louisiana, USA, discovered how to childproof it using an essential all parents have in their house: the cover of a baby wipes case! She does point out that babies would eventually figure out how to open and close the lid, so it’s best to pair this hack with outlet covers. Think of it as an added precaution to discourage them from tinkering with outlets.

    Read more about the hack here.

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    6. Toddler entertainment on-the-go

    Lengthy car and plane rides can be frustrating for a restless toddler who needs to keep himself busy while waiting to arrive at the destination. Instead of giving him gadgets, one mom suggests this travel hack: get a lunchbox and stick a Lego building plate on the lid using mounting tape. Put various bricks inside and let your child play! (The lunchbox helps corral the mess, too!)

    Find more tips to entertain your kids here.

    7. More car entertainment

    If the lunch box hack above is not enough, try this: use a shoe caddy (or an over-the-door plastic organizer), fill it with their favorite toys and activities and hang it behind the passenger seat so kids can easily reach out and pick what they want to play with.

    8. Race track hack


    This one’s an oldie but a goodie. If your child loves cars, keep him entertained by creating a race track on the carpet or floor using masking tape (or painter’s tape if you have wooden floors). One mom even used it to ‘build’ a huge race track that went through various rooms inside the house!

    Find more activities for your toddler here.

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    9. Cold teething hack

    Teething is an absolute pain both for the baby and his parents. One of the ways to make baby feel better is to use chilled washcloths or teethers for instant relief. Mom Emelia Jackson took this tip to another level by filling a pacifier with water and freezing it before giving it to her son. She calls it a “serious lifesaver.” (Before doing this trick, check if the binky has any holes where water can seep through as it is not advisable giving water to babies under six months old).

    Another hack for when you’re on the go is to put teethers inside an insulated bottle and fill it with cold, ice-cube laden water. This keeps it cool for hours!

    Read more ways to soothe a teething baby here.

    10. Calm your baby in an instant

    This new dad’s hack to calm his baby has gotten over 43 million views and for good reason — he was able to soothe a crying baby in seconds! Daniel Eisenman, an author and motivational speaker, was shooting a Facebook live video while snuggled up in bed with her daughter when she began to cry. He then began ‘om-ing’ to her (like how they do it in yoga!) and she quieted almost immediately. Since then, the dad has posted other videos of him ‘om-ing’ to his daughter as proof that it really works.

    Read up on reasons why your baby might be crying here.


    11. Organized snacking

    If you have multiple kids with different personalities, chances are they won’t like snacking on the same thing. One mom came up with a clever solution: use a craft box and fill it with various snacks! And it’s not just for your kids — you can use it in parties or stash one inside your office drawer. *wink*

    Find ready-to-eat snacks for your tots here.

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    12. The ‘dot’ method

    Here’s another tip if you have multiple kids — keep track of their clothes by putting a dot on the labels — one dot for your first kid, two dots for your second kid, and so on. It makes it easier to organize and lessen the confusion.

    Find more organizing hacks here.

    13. Bib storage

    Dads really are a genius when it comes to thinking of ways to make their lives easier. Mom Rachelle Denise thought that it would be more practical to keep their baby’s bibs in the kitchen but didn’t know where to put it, so her husband provided the solution — just keep it on the back of the high chair! You can also stick an adhesive hook at the back and hang the bibs there.


    Find more baby hacks here.

    14. Lessen the noise

    Children’s toys can get really loud and annoying, so one mom thought of an ingenious trick: put adhesive tape over speakers to lower the volume and make the shrill sounds more tolerable. A total game changer!

    Read up on more hacks for your toddlers here.

    15. Get out of onesies

    It will probably take new parents a while to realize this, but this is what the envelope folds of a onesie are for. You pull the onesie down and off your baby to avoid making a mess, instead of over his head and getting poop or food on his hair.

    See creative and funny onesies one mom makes for her baby here.

    Know more hacks? Share your genius discoveries with us in the comments!

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