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  • Bianca Gonzalez ‘Used To Be Hard’ On Herself When Her Kids Won’t Eat

    The TV host shares her tricks in feeding her two daughters.
    by Jocelyn Valle .
Bianca Gonzalez ‘Used To Be Hard’ On Herself When Her Kids Won’t Eat
PHOTO BY Instagram/ Bianca Gonzalez Intal (left), JC Intal 7
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    Bianca Gonzalez says she’s “kinda strict” when it comes to feeding her and her husband JC Intal’s kids. They have two daughters: Lucia and Carmen, who will be 6 and 3 years old, respectively, in October 2021.

    Bianca points out, though, "I don’t even know where I got these rules. I guess it’s just gut feel for a parent." She's responding to the question asked by SmartParenting.com.ph at the launch of the Similac e-xplorers app last June 17 (read here.) She's the brand ambassador of the Similac Gain School milk formula for kids.

    The celebrity mom known as a TV host goes on sharing some of those rules: "So soda, definitely not at their age. Sweets also not allowed. Ice cream is allowed on weekends. Chips, sometimes, just a snack pangtanggal umay."


    She adds, "Bread they’re allowed aside from desserts. The rule lang is to eat real food before you eat your dessert. Sometimes they like mga chocolate pretzels or desserts, or crackers."

    Bianca feels "lucky" that Lucia and Carmen both eat vegetables, and she's confident she knows why: "Because that’s what they see us do. Ever since they were born, that’s what mommy and daddy and the ates eat, so that’s what they eat: real food, normal food."

    Looking back, the mom of two admits, "I used to be hard on myself when my child won’t be in the mood to eat." She mentions as an example everybody's set lunch time at 12 noon, but Lucia or Carmen still doesn't feel like eating.

    She eventually learned what her mom would always tell her: "Okay lang ’yan, kakain ’yan pag gutom." She now agrees with her mom, based on her kids' behavior. "Which is true, they always end up really wanting to eat. Kung hindi pa talaga gutom ’yung bata, they will not really eat, especially now they can just play."

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    Bianca then shares this trick she does with their helpers: "So what we did, for example, mga 1 p.m. na lang namin ipapa-lunch."

    She has another trick in avoiding food wastage because the kids won't finish their meals: "Ever since they were young, naka-portion na siya. So when they finish that, at saka na lang we’ll ask, ‘Do you want more?’ They say, ‘No, I’m busog na.’ Or they want more. Portioning it works for our kids."

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