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If Parents Were Superheroes, What Would Your Superpower Be?
PHOTO BY (from left) instagram/lovecosio, rosiedoms, daddymarkmark
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    Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear just regular clothes but are always ready to give out hugs when their children need one.

    How being a parent is like being a superhero

    It's no question that parents are real-life superheroes. They seem like they have more than two arms with their unbelievable multi-tasking skills. That or they can freeze time!

    Like Batman and Ironman, parents always have something up their sleeves, carrying tools of the trade when it comes to parenting.

    Extra t-shirt? Check! Comfort plushie for a fussy baby? Check! Medication for allergy? Check! They're always to the rescue and could the day.

    Most importantly, like any superhero, you can count on your parents almost 24/7. Despite the many battles they face every day, from lack of sleep, constant cleaning, to mind games when thinking of the ulam for the day, they remain strong for their children.

    This was the inspiration when Smart Parenting's art team designed a Facebook and Instagram filter. Consider it like the sorting hat in Harry Potter, but instead of knowing which Hogwarts House you belong to, it will reveal your superpower as a parent!

    Smart Parenting launches IG and FB filter

    Our Smart Parenting's Mom and Dad Squad have already tried the filter and couldn't agree more with the results they got!


    Try the filter yourself on Facebook by clicking here or find it on Instagram story effect gallery by searching 'Parent Power.' 

    Superpower: Eat everything twice

    Every parent, for sure, has experienced it—eating their children's leftovers. These Smart Parenting's mom squad members would relate!

    PHOTO BY instagram/ellanlibaton
    PHOTO BY instagram/eposndyn
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    PHOTO BY instagram/joselleona
    PHOTO BY instagram/sarahmaytanhuanco

    Read tips on how to change kid's picky eating habits here and here.

    Superpower: Laugh and cry at the same time

    Parents are so used with multi-tasking they can do both these opposite emotions at the same time. LOL!

    PHOTO BY instagram/daddymarkmark
    PHOTO BY instagram/momvictoriadang
    PHOTO BY instagram/gelitamayo

    Superpower: Work and breastfeed at the same time

    Speaking of multi-tasking, hands down to nursing moms who are also working moms! 

    PHOTO BY instagram/nonobydyan
    PHOTO BY instagram/nikkiviolaa
    PHOTO BY instagram/lovecosio

    Read top tips for breastfeeding in the workplace here.

    Superpower: Sleep while working

    In between taking care of the kids, assisting them in their school works, cleaning the house, and finishing work deliverables, parents often find themselves get little sleep on most days. But apparently, some parents have mastered the art of getting work done while sneaking in some sleep.

    PHOTO BY instagram/rosiedoms
    PHOTO BY instagram/gail0213

    While we don't really encourage this, we want parents to remember to take time to rest and value having me-time too. As the saying goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup. 

    Try our filter and tell us what superpower you got, moms and dads. Share your results in the comment section below!

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