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Georgina Wilson Finds Comfort In Archie's Empathy Amid A Loss In The Family
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    If she'd have her way, Georgina Wilson would like to hold the hand of every new mom she meets and say, "It’s gonna be okay. You’re gonna go through this."

    The model and entrepreneur explained in a recent online event that new moms need support: "I think that’s the most important thing, which is it surround yourself with people who will help—organizations, brands, institutions, experts—who will give you that information. Because I’m very information-based, I need facts and data."

    Georgina, who has 3 kids with her husband Arthur Burnand, agreed that "there's an ease that comes with the second and third child."

    But, she added, "I will say, though, that parenting keeps you on your toes. Just when you feel like you’ve worked it out, they have a different personality or different style or…That’s the magic of parenting. One can only keep learning."

    Raising a preschooler

    The Burnands' eldest child Archie, for instance, never ceases to amaze, according to his mom. Georgina couldn't helping gushing over her preschooler, who, she happily reported, currently loves learning mathematics and can already recite "verbatim" chapters from his favorite Roald Dahl book, The BFG.

    Most importantly, Georgina proudly said Archie has empathy. She went on recalling the time she lost her dad, and she was given comfort by her son. "I didn’t know he had the ability to process those emotions. He said, ‘Don’t worry, your dad’s looking after us from heaven.’"


    She added, beaming, "My son, at 5 years old, was able to comfort me. I’m constantly amazed at his empathy."

    Georgina gave parenting tips that have been helpful in raising Archie and her younger kids Alfie, almost 2 years old, and Charlotte, who just turned 1.

    Lead by example

    "Just be mindful that you are your child’s best example—how to show resilience, how you react in time of adversity," said Georgina. She also pointed out that "the way to talk to your child becomes their inner voice."

    Case in point: "I just said in passing, ‘Oh, that’s a nightmare.’ Now, Archie says it all the time. So I have to reverse that and, like, help him not say all those type of things. I want him to say stuff like ‘This is great, I can do it!’"

    Choose quality over quantity

    When spending time with her children, Georgina believes that "quality over quantity is the way to go." She explained, "Even if you know you only have 30 minutes with your child, make it worth it. Put your phone down. Come to them, engage with them, and share something."

    Spend one-on-one time with each child

    For moms like her with more than one child, Georgina suggested spending exclusive sessions each one of them. "You get to know who they are. Sometimes as a sibling, there’s so much you can learn as a family group."

    She and Archie, for instance, go on little adventures, like allowing him to tag along to the bank for her errands.

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    Have fun with your child

    It includes learning activities, Georgina pointed out. "It’s also a way of knowing and bonding with your child...You just make life so much fun."

    Read here for preschool reading activities and here for preschool writing activities.

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