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This Cute Astronaut Costume Only Costs P30 To Make!
PHOTO BY courtesy of Nicole Aquino
  • Parents have proven time and again that no amount of budget constraints can stop them from making their kids stand out, whether it’s for a school activity, Halloween, or a birthday party. So we’re always impressed when we see moms busting out their creativity for their little ones — just like Nicole Aquino, who DIY’d this adorable astronaut costume for her son Maxs first birthday party.

    Nicole, a mom of two who works in event management, is a pretty creative mama. So when she browsed online and saw that astronaut costumes cost too much for one-time use, she decided to go through Pinterest instead to find a design she can DIY.

    She saw one that was easy enough to make which required only a few materials. “Luckily, my son had plain white pants and a onesie that still fit him. It had suspenders stitched in, but that was easy enough to remove,” she shares in an interview with SmartParenting.com.ph. “[Then,] I thought of adding a personal touch by making Maxs his own logo and a NASA-inspired patch.”

    Nicole with her sons, Justin and Maxs.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Nicole Aquino
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    DIY Astronaut Costume

    The result? A super cute costume her little boy can even use for Halloween! And guess what — it only cost Php30 to make! Here’s how she did it:


    • White onesie and white pants
    • Felt cloth (4 pieces at Php6 per sheet)
    • Straps from old bags
    • Used ribbon
    • Glue gun
    • Glue sticks (Php6 per stick)
    • Sewing kit


    1. Nicole drew the patterns on the felt cloth and made cut-outs.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Nicole Aquino
    2. She had to sew the bag straps as the material doesn’t hold well when glued.
    PHOTO BY Nicole Aquino
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    3. She also glued the patches to the onesie.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Nicole Aquino
    Lastly, she glued black felt cloth around the wrist cuffs of the onesie and at the bottom of the pants. She also glued an adjustable bag strap on the waistband to look like a belt.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Nicole Aquino

    Simple, right? What’s nice about Nicole’s DIY is that you can even make the same costume for older kids — just replace the white onesie with a white shirt! Galing!

    Share your DIY projects with us — we’d love to feature them on our website! Message us on our Facebook page or email us at submissions@gmail.com.

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