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  • Paano Matatapos Ang Trabaho? Kids Interrupt Mom 27 Times During An 11-Minute Work Call

    How moms who work from home get things done is a miracle!
    by Rachel Perez .
Paano Matatapos Ang Trabaho? Kids Interrupt Mom 27 Times During An 11-Minute Work Call
  • Remember when we believed working from home was the solution to sitting through three hours of horrendous traffic going to the office and back home? Well, we go what we asked for. Did we really think this through?

    Working from home is the new normal for many parents. In August, kids will start online classes and would definitely need help while parents still work from home. That's on top of the chores the family needs to accomplish.

    During a ten-minute work from home conference call, Genevieve Shaw Brown, lifestyle editor for Good Morning America and ABC News and mom to three kids ages 4, 6, and 8, shared a video showing her kids interrupting her 11-minute call a whopping 27 times. That's six times away from being interrupted three times a minute.

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    It was a conference she had at the same time every morning. In the first six minutes, Genevieve already answered 11 questions from her kids, one of whom has special needs. She stopped counting after that. Any work from home mom would agree that the struggle is real. How moms ever get things done is a miracle.


    "Between a full-time job, being a full-time caretaker, a teacher, a cook, a cleaning person and the person who solves every single problem every single day — from breaking up fights to kissing boo-boos to picking up messes and meeting every other need under the sun a person could possibly have — I, like most working mothers I know, am at the end of my rope," the mom of three writes.

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    Though it didn't completely stop her kids from interrupting her, Genevieve said the way she reacted to them (read: calm but firm) helped ease the tension. She still admitted to needing more time to recharge and lengthen her patience. Who wouldn't?

    But life goes on and as they say, "This, too, shall pass." "Ultimately, this will end. We will go back to work," Genevieve said. "The kids will go back to school. But until then, we'll need to learn to deal with our new, temporary normal—27 times per conference call," she added.

    Were you surprised? Did you catch yourself nodding in agreement, as your child called out to you for a snack, a question, or anything before you finished reading this? Well, Genevieve is not alone.

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    A new study looked at 3,500 heterosexual couples with kids for 16 days between April and May 2020 and showed that moms are getting only 2.6 uninterrupted work hours per day, while dads get more than double that time. Dads get 5.1 uninterrupted hours to be exact.


    But wait, there's more. Working moms get interrupted by the kids 57% more during their paid work hours than dads. In fact, almost half of the moms needed to split their paid work between their job and other distractions.

    Why? Well, it all boils down to the amount of paid work, childcare, and chores moms and dads do. Why children still automatically call, "Mom!" whenever they need anything can be cute. It feels good to be needed, but maybe not all the time?

    If you're working from home, there are several remedies you can try so you can do your job continuously and in peace. Dads also just really need to step up and level the field. Not that they don't do so now, but more, please, so we can all get more things done!

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