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  • Every new parent knows to expect sleepless nights during baby’s first year, since newborns don’t have a sleep-wake cycle yet and they feed every one to three hours (sometimes nonstop!). But for Saab Magalona, whose kids Pancho, 2 and Vito, 1, are close in age, the dream of a good night’s sleep can’t come any faster.


    On her Instagram, the celebrity mom was happy to announce that her second born was finally able to achieve the milestone of sleeping through the night. “It’s been one full week of no night feeding!” she writes on Instagram. “He (Vito) used to still wake up to breastfeed every 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. I could tell it wasn’t because he was hungry, but it was more to pacify himself and get back to sleep.”

    Saab adds that Vito likes to “twiddle aggressively with his other hand” while breastfeeding, so she felt it was time to put a stop to it so they can both get quality sleep. As a mom to a baby and a toddler, she says that it feels like “I haven’t slept for three years.”


    To wean Vito of night feeding, Saab enlisted the help of Ria Campos-Lopez, a child behavior specialist and certified baby sleep coach at Stratum Health Partners and Himbing PH. “I’ve done so much research on sleep training, but I wanted a professional’s support because it all seemed so daunting,” the mom wrote.

    Saab shares that she first tried to transition Vito to sleeping in a crib – “he’s really aggressive and strong about latching” — but she eventually decided to keep him on the bed and continue co-sleeping since her little one was more comfortable beside her. By the third night, Saab says Vito was no longer wrestling to latch onto her.

    “Ria assured me to do what I feel comfortable with right now and I’m glad she let me try it my way,” Saab wrote. “Now he doesn’t need to be fed or rocked or swayed to sleep. He doesn’t need any music either!”

    Now, Saab and Vito’s bedtime routine includes reading a storybook in bed. After that, Vito is able to put himself to sleep! Saab says he lies down and rolls around the bed “until he gets into the best position to fall asleep on his own.”

    She adds that she no longer needs to pick him up to soothe him if he ever wakes up in the middle of the night. “Now he just sort of rolls over and falls back asleep on his own. I find it so amazing,” she says.

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    And the best part? “Now we can cuddle at night and my breasts aren’t super sore in the morning [laughing emoji],” Saab says.


    What to expect during baby's first year? Click here for a baby sleep guide.

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