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  • Keep Your Child Entertained With This DIY Painting Activity For Less Than Php500!

    This activity was shared by a mom on Smart Parenting Village.
    by Kate Borbon .
Keep Your Child Entertained With This DIY Painting Activity For Less Than Php500!
PHOTO BY courtesy of Myreen Formoso
  • One dilemma many parents might grapple with every day is finding an activity that will not only keep their little ones entertained but will also keep their brains active and engaged. If this is an issue you deal with regularly, you might want to try out this DIY activity prepared by a Smart Parenting Village mom!

    On November 11, 2019, mom Myreen Formoso shared photos and a clip of her 15-month-old son Johnreen Benedict while doing a painting activity at home. In an interview with SmartParenting.com.ph, Myreen talked more about this activity, how her child reacted to it, and how other parents can do it at home.

    Myreen and Johnreen show off their unique art masterpiece!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Myreen Formoso

    “Every weekend I make sure that we have something to do, an activity that my son will enjoy,” Myreen said. “This week I thought of having fun with colors. This activity will refine his motor skills, enhance his creativity, [and improve] his concentration and coordination.”

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    She also shared that the activity let Johnreen create an art masterpiece that he could give to his dad, who was also celebrating his birthday that week.

    To prepare this activity, Myreen said that all you need are a few materials. In total, she only spent less than Php500 to acquire all the materials needed!

    Little Johnreen seemed to enjoy dipping his fingers into the paint!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Myreen Formoso

    First, Myreen looked for paint that is safe for children to use and can be easily wiped off. On Shopee, she found a set of non-toxic, water-based tempera paints for only Php250.

    She also bought blank canvases for her child to paint on. She bought two pieces of blank canvas for only Php168.

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    Aside from these, Myreen set up a painting workstation consisting of a child-sized table and chair, a wet towel for in case her son pours the paint on himself, and a brush.

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    According to Myreen, Johnreen appeared to enjoy the activity very much!

    The activity helped improve Johnreen's motor skills, coordination, and concentration.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Myreen Formoso

    “My son [was] so excited [to put] his fingers on the colors,” she said. “I let him drive the activity. I let him imagine and experience the texture of each item.”

    Myreen continued to say that she jumped in on the fun as well. “I also [dipped] my fingers [in] the paint and [joined] him on his masterpiece.”

    Got a fun DIY activity you do with your child at home? Share it with us!

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