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  • How To Raise Sons Who Respect Women (And Other People, For That Matter)

    Teaching young boys to be responsible for their actions is a team effort, mom and dad.
    by Ana Gonzales . Published Jan 5, 2021
How To Raise Sons Who Respect Women (And Other People, For That Matter)
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  • In the past, we relied on dads to talk to our little boys about sex. In this day and age, it's high time we joined that conversation.

    Your children should be able to understand a woman's body and women's rights from a woman's perspective. It makes a lot of difference.

    How to make sure your child grows up respecting women

    Mommy, talk to your boys about women's rights

    There are so many children's books out there that can help you explain women's rights to your little boys.

    Think One, Little One by Vashti Harrison is a good example. It highlights 18 female trailblazers like modernist painter and animator, Mary Blair, Kenyan environmental activist Wangari Maathai, and many more.

    Share the truths about women's struggle for equal rights without blaming men. Focus on the opportunity that men have when it comes to changing the way women are treated in society.

    When your boy is older, teach them about rape cultureslut shaming, and the over-sexualization of women.

    It's also important that you practice what you preach. If you talk about how women's opinions matter, then don't be afraid to speak for yourself and stand for what you believe in. 

    You have to know your rights before your can teach your son about gender equality. An empowered mom can raise men who believe in the abilities of women.

    Daddy, set a good example

    Monkey see, monkey do, they say, so be a good example—especially you, daddy. How you treat your wife and all the women in your life matters, not only if you have a little boy, but also if you have a little girl.

    Normalize talking to and treating women and other people with respect. Remember: If you show respect, you will teach respect.

    Show your boy that listening to women is important. Help them understand, by showing them, that women's opinions matter too.

    It's not only about how you speak to women, but how you talk about them to other people. There are subtleties about the way you talk that your little boy might pick up.


    Commenting on women's clothes and pointing out their worth based on their appearance can affect the way your boy perceives women's value.

    Respect the older women in your family and give value to their wisdom. This shows your child that there is more to a woman than her clothes and her physical appearance.

    Moms in our Facebook group, the Smart Parenting Village said a father's role is important. Dad's should be the ultimate example of how men should treat women.

    Besides, daddy, you can't expect your son to know how to respect women if they see that you don't respect their mom.

    Allow your little boys to feel

    Avoid telling your son that boys don't cry. We have already raised so many generations of boys who think they are not allowed to feel and that 'real men' do not let their emotions show.

    Although praising your boy for his accomplishments is important, giving him credit for how he treats other people matters more.

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    Mind Body Green points out the importance of nurturing your son's ability to express and introspect. Do this by asking your son how he's feeling about things. Listen intently and do not invalidate. If he ever feels like crying, reassure them that he is allowed to.

    Make your little boys do housework

    Don't you think it's time to change the belief that women and little girls are the only ones who should be doing housework?

    Boys who start helping around the house at an early age grow up to become men who share the burden of housework.

    The key is to let your children know how much you appreciate their contributions no matter how small.

    Talk to your children about sex

    Don't let them learn about sex from the internet and pornography—these sources do not teach respect for women.

    Don't be afraid of the awkward conversation as it also includes the definition and importance of consent.


    Ultimately, what you say wouldn't matter if you don't follow through with the right actions. Don't expect your boy to grow up a gentleman if you and your partner do not treat each other with respect.

    So much in the world is changing. So many things can already influence how your child grows. It's up to you, as a parent, to do your best and make sure your child grows up to be a conscientious adult.



    How do you make sure your little boy grows up to be a respectful man? Share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also join our Facebook group, the Smart Parenting Village.

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