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How Kid-Sized Furniture Will Help You Raise A Bright Child
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Mikee Patrixia
  • Toddlers have yet to learn and master basic life skills, which is why parents hesitate assigning chores to their little ones. But kids learn best with hands-on experience and tasks like these foster independence, a sense of responsibility, and self-reliance.

    This is what mom Mikee Patrixia had in mind for her 18-month-old daughter, Kamea, while designing their home in Seattle, Washington. We’ve previously featured her toddler’s bedroom filled with kid-sized furniture that encourages her little girl to be independent, but it turns out that the feature extends to every part of their house.

    How to choose kid-sized furniture for toddlers

    Adult-sized furniture can be overwhelming, so assigning a space for your child that they can call their own can be advantageous in many ways. Having smaller, child-sized pieces in your home allows them to move and explore independently and with confidence.

    The key is to choose furniture that is within your toddler’s eye level. This helps her reach her things easily!


    It has a sink where she can wash her hands and prep food and even a water dispenser so she can get her own drink.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Mikee Patrixia

    In their kitchen, Mikee placed a tiny, functional version for Kamea. Here, she can practice everyday skills like eating by herself, cleaning, and even preparing meals.

    This is “where she can wash her hands, wash her fruits, wash her dishes, wash her plant, cut fruit (with her wooden knife), and prep her snack,” Mikee shares. There is also a kiddie-sized dining table beside the one for adults.

    Check out this tiny table and chair where Kamea can eat on her own!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Mikee Patrixia

    Another corner is dedicated to Kamea’s cleaning station, where Mikee is slowly introducing chores to her daughter. She’s all set to be Mommy’s little helper!


    The cleaning station has a dustpan and small broom, a mop, and even a child-sized vacuum. Convenient!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Mikee Patrixia
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    Kamea has her own spot in the bathroom!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Mikee Patrixia

    In one corner of the bathroom is a kiddie-sized potty. There’s even a trash can and a sink so that Kamea learns to wash her hands and groom herself.


    All the furniture and activities are kept within Kamea's eye level.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Mikee Patrixia

    Apart from her bedroom, Kamea also has a space where she can learn and play. There’s a kid-sized table and chair, low shelves so she can pick books and activities and then return it by herself, and a low sofa that she can easily climb on.


    The self-care station has a mirror, a step stool she can use to put on her shoes, and a shoe rack.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Mikee Patrixia

    One of the highlights of Kamea’s bedroom is her self-care station. This is where she can groom herself by brushing her hair and learn to dress herself, according to Mikee.

    She also has a kiddie-sized wardrobe. Mikee places a set number of clothes on display — two choices each for the shirt, pants, underwear, socks, jacket, and hat.

    “All her other clothes and shoes are kept above the self-care station and wardrobe,” Mikee shares.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Mikee Patrixia

    You might need to set a little budget for kid-sized furniture but think of it as an investment. Not only will it teach your little one practical life skills, he’ll also be carrying these skills into adulthood and he’ll definitely need it when he has a home to run on his own.

    Take your cue from Mikee, who shopped online, at IKEA, and at thrift stores to save on costs. “Doing all of this for my daughter is worth it because she is thriving and she is loving her own little space,” Mikee says.

    For more toddler furniture inspo, follow Mikee on Instagram @mikeepatrixia. Click here for where to shop for kid-sized furniture!

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