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  • 8 Times Thylane Bolzico Explained How Toddlers Cause And Cure Stress

    They’re makalat, madaldal, malikot, makulit, but definitely adorable! Here are ways to deal.
    by Iza Cuyos .
8 Times Thylane Bolzico Explained How Toddlers Cause And Cure Stress
  • Thylane Katana Bolzico, or #TiliBolz, is turning two on the first day of 2022! But before Tili tiptoes into the “terrible twos” stage, allow us to list down the most adorable moments of her toddler years, thus far, as documented by celebrity #girldad Nico Bolzico on Instagram.

    Just a bit of todller facts: When baby turns one, expect that she will be malikot, makulit, and madaldal. During this stage,  a baby starts to say her first words or even phrases. She will play independently, laugh at your jokes, and echo everything you say. Read the complete developmental milestones of one-year old babies here.

    It goes without saying that these developments can cause so much stress in as much as it can bring joy to every parent. Below, we list the many times #TiliBolz showed everyone how toddlers can be the cutest and rowdiest little humans in the world! Of course, we added tips on how to make the best of this precious stage in your baby's growth.

    8 Times Thylane Bolzico Showed Why Toddlers Can Be Unbearably Cute

    1. When she demonstrated why her nick name is “Tili”

    Babies discover their voice during the first year, that’s why they scream. They're not mad at you, so try not to yell back as it can leave a lasting impact.


    2. When she tried to vlog for the first time

    Finding it hard to understand what your toddler means? This decode-your-toddler cheat sheet might help.

    3. When she would say nothing but ‘No’

    Is ‘No” her favorite word? Here’s the key to making her say ‘Yes’ more often.

    4. When she would say nothing but “Wow’

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    This stage is when she discovers her new favorite words. Here’s how you can help expand her vocabulary.

    5. When she demonstrated how to properly eat pasta

    Mess is good for toddlers, moms and dads! It makes them happier, healthier, and smarter.

    6. When she learned how to share


    It’s amazing how Tili learned how to share at a young age. Not all toddlers, however, do so—and this is perfectly normal. In fact, child development experts have stressed that toddlers must not be forced to share and take turns. Here’s why it’s okay not share sometimes.

    7. When she sang Old McDonald in Spanish

    Music helps in brain development. Here are five ways to nurture it at home.


    8. When she learned how to enjoy family time

    Family time is priceless. Here’s how you can create more time with the family, not just on weekends.

    Have fun parenting toddlers, smart moms and dads!

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