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  • 11 Unexpected Places These Pinay Moms Found Themselves in During Breastfeeding!

    Moms should not be shamed for doing breastfeeding in public.
    by Kitty Elicay .
11 Unexpected Places These Pinay Moms Found Themselves in During Breastfeeding!
PHOTO BY courtesy of Din Real Bautista and Julie Anne Alcantara
  • The idea of breastfeeding in public still makes a lot of Pinoys uncomfortable. While we have a law that mandates public places and offices to have lactation rooms, it’s not always followed. And that is a problem when you have a hungry baby who does not care whether a place is or isn’t appropriate — they just want to be fed!

    In celebration of Breastfeeding Awareness Month, we asked real moms to share the weirdest and most unexpected places and circumstances where they needed to breastfeed. From breastfeeding at the grocery to breastfeeding on top of a mountain, these nursing moms show that they have no qualms taking out the breast when it comes to feeding a hungry baby.

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    Breastfeeding at the grocery

    Irene Waga and her baby.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Irene Waga
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    [I breastfed] at the grocery cashier while paying, kahit aligaga dede si baby. With cover naman. Hungry na [siya] e. What to do? — Irene Waga

    Breastfeeding inside an elevator

    Maree Baranda and her baby.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Maree Baranda

    In my 22 months of breastfeeding, the weirdest place so far was inside a hotel elevator right after our swimming sesh. My baby got tired and wanted to sleep already, so he latched right away.


    All eyes were on me [with] a look of disgust! [As if] it was the first time they saw a breast. My baby doesn’t want to be covered while breastfeeding. That’s why I didn’t wear nursing covers anymore. Breastfeeding is love, and I am proud to be a breastfeeding mom! — Maree Baranda

    Breastfeeding at the mall

    Angel Enero with her son, Luffy.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Angel Enero

    The weirdest place I breastfed my baby, Luffy, was inside the mall. I couldn’t locate the breastfeeding area, and Luffy was just a few months old. My nursing cover was my lifesaver! — Angel Enero

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    Breastfeeding in the pool

    Alfie Saniel with her daughter, Summer.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Alfie Saniel

    The term they coined for breastfeeding, “Strike anytime, anywhere, is really accurate. It was my daughter’s first time to be in the pool — she was 2 months old at the time — and also my first time to dip after a year. We were in the pool for about five minutes when she got hangry (hungry and angry!) and demanded to get the boob.

    Since I didn’t want to step out of the pool yet (I had just got in!), I had no choice but to pop out the boob and feed her then and there. There were a lot of foreign guests in Henann Bohol at the time but luckily, not one bat an eyelash while I was breastfeeding in public. Oh, the things you do to feed your child while you keep yourself sane at the same time! — Alfie Saniel

    Breastfeeding anywhere everywhere

    Akira Sullano with her son.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Akira Sullano

    We’ve tried breastfeeding while walking inside the mall and in the restroom, during a wedding reception and I was wearing a long gown, and while enjoying the bonfire with strangers in Baguio. But I guess the weirdest was when we were riding a tricycle going to my son’s pedia! — Akira Sullano

    Breastfeeding in the middle of a farm

    Julie Anne Lodovice with her daughter, Priyah.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Julie Anne Lodovice

    Weirdest place we breastfed was in the middle of the flower farm at Bukid Amara in Lucban, Quezon. After exploring the farm and taking lots of pictures, naupo lang kami to take a breather and magpapicture rin sana. But feel at home si baby — sabay subsob then dede mode on! — Julie Anne Lodovice

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    Breastfeeding at the beach

    Shyrine with her baby.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Shyrine Banacia

    I don’t really feel weirded out nursing my sweetheart at the beach. I was so comfortable and relaxed with all the sounds and the feel of being by the shore. But I guess I could say the beach is the place where a lot of people would feel weirded out seeing a mom nurse a hungry, tiny human.

    What a joyful day it will be if breastfeeding in public becomes the new normal! — Shyrine Bañacia

    Breastfeeding at the zoo

    Abegaill Villacruz with her toddler son.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Abegaill Villacruz

    We were touring Bohol and biglang nagutom si baby boy kaya nagpa-breastfeed ako sa beach in broad daylight with all the other tourists. Nagutom din si baby while we were in a zoo! — Abegaill Villacruz

    Breastfeeding at the airport

    Din Real Bautista with her daughter, Monica.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Din Real Bautista

    I’ve been breastfeeding Monica for 37 months now, and I’ve lost count of how many times I breastfed her in weird places and circumstances. She feeds on demand, mostly for comfort, especially when she became a toddler. I would nurse her at the comfort room (home or mall) while doing number 1 or even number 2. LOL!

    But the weirdest I will never forget was when we were in Hong Kong. It was one rush-hour morning. She suddenly felt uncomfortable and wanted to feed. There were no chairs nearby, and she was too heavy to be carried. So, I sat on the floor and nursed her!

    I was hesitant at first because I heard sad stories that people in Hong Kong are not open to breastfeeding in public. But in the end, I didn’t care. I had to do what I had to do. — Din Real Bautista

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    Breastfeeding on top of a mountain

    Chrysdale Urpiana with her daughter, Kalikasan.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Chrysdale

    Like other breastfeeding moms, I also had my fair share breastfeeding in public places like the wet market, jeepney and bus stations, and even in public vehicles. But my recent weirdest and most unforgettable place where I had to breastfeed was at Mt. Tarak, Bataan, during an overnight hike.


    My husband and I started introducing hiking to our 4-month-old baby girl, Kalikasan. At an early age, we wanted her to love and respect the great outdoors. The Mt. Tarak hike is considered a major hike requiring a five- to six-hour trek.

    The combination of ascending and descending tracks along the dense forest trail and challenging full assault did not hinder me from nursing my daughter every time she needed it. Her “deydey” time, flavored with sweat, was also our rest time. Amid the difficult trail, safely reaching the summit was worth all the hardship. — Chrysdale M. Urpiana

    Breastfeeding at the museum

    Cherrie Delos Santos breastfeeding in public with daughter Zuri.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Cherrie Rose D. Magbanua

    While touring a newly opened museum in Manila, my two-year-old daughter, Zuri, became hungry as she spent so much of her energy at the ramps, going up and down from the first floor up to the fourth floor. As we were exploring the area where the creepy crawlies were, Zuri started complaining. “I want dede. Please, mom,” she blurted out.

    I guess no breastfeeding mom can resist a plea from her baby! That’s why, despite being conscious of whether museums allowed breastfeeding or not, I nursed my baby. There’s no such place as weird or strange whenever babies go hungry.

    I forgot how we even found that chair I was sitting on in the photo. All I remember was that we were surrounded by hundreds of “insects” right at that moment! — Cherrie Delos Santos

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