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Camille Prats Offers Tips to Naturally Boost Milk Supply
PHOTO BY @camilleprats/Instagram
  • The biggest predicament any breastfeeding mom can possibly face is not being able to produce enough milk for her child. Breast milk is best for babies — it is all the food he will need for the first six months of life because it is in itself complete. Thus, one could imagine how nerve-wracking it must be when a nursing mom’s breast milk supply starts to wane.

    Such was the problem of TV host Camille Prats the last few days, she said in a post on Instagram.

    “I was not able to pump every three hours and I suddenly noticed that my milk supply was slowly going down from 5 ounces both breasts down to 3 ounces sometimes 2, nakakaiyak talaga,” the mom of three wrote. Her youngest son Nolan was born on July 10, 2019.

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    Camille had wanted to breastfeed Nolan for at least a year, just like she did with her now-2-year-old daughter Nala Camilla. But with her supply waning, the 34-year-old mom was about to panic. “Nolan’s turning 3 months palang and I got scared I won’t be able to breastfeed him until a year just like ate Nala.”


    Luckily, Camille knew better. “I didn’t lose hope! I pumped every three hours on the dot since then and now my milk supply has slowly gone up. 10 ounces total in just 10 mins!!! I’m so happy and relieved,” she shared.

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    Increasing breast milk supply

    Camille shares tips to her fellow breastfeeding moms to keep their breast milk supply up: “If you’re a working mom like me, don’t miss a pump session, stick to your schedule, trick your breasts into making more milk because the demand is there. 

    “Unlilatch your baby whenever you’re together, don’t stress about it and stay positive!!”

    In addition, here are a few proven tricks you can do to keep your breast milk flowing:

    1. Have more skin-to-skin contact with baby.

    According to UNICEF, the simple act of holding your baby before and during feeding time stimulates the hormone oxytocin, which ups your milk supply.

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    2. Relax.

    Listen to soothing music, light your favorite aromatherapy candle, find a cozy spot. Stress and anxiety could affect your milk supply greatly.

    3. Drink lots of water.

    Water not only refreshes the body, it also helps you produce more milk. Did you know that breast milk is about 90% water? It is therefore imperative that you drink as much fluids as possible.

    4. Let your baby nurse from both breasts.

    The body produces milk based on the demand for it, so letting your baby “empty” both breasts signals your body to make more milk. It also guarantees that your baby gets foremilk and hindmilk completely and enjoys all the health benefits they bring. (Read about what your foremilk and hindmilk does for your baby here.)

    5. Take your vitamins.

    Aside from eating a well-balanced diet ro ensure you get enough calories, don’t take vitamins for granted. Calcium iron, and folic acid supplements fill in the nutritional gaps necessary for producing milk.

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