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  • Dads Who Get the Advantages of Breast Milk Increase the Chances of Breastfeeding Success

    A June 2019 survey shows that dads need to know more about why moms choose to breastfeed.
    by Rachel Perez .
Dads Who Get the Advantages of Breast Milk Increase the Chances of Breastfeeding Success
  • There are many ways dads are now more involved in parenting, and it even includes ways to let dads breastfeed their little ones! (See how this dad breastfed his baby here and a new device here!) In fact, a June 2019 survey conducted by a pregnancy app showed 81% of dads want to be involved in breastfeeding their baby.

    Wanting to help and actually doing it are two different things, of course. Only 46% of dads surveyed clean the breast pumps and the bottles for the next feeding, and even fewer had spent time researching how to feed the baby.

    About 76% of mothers think that more information is needed to show their partners how they can support a mother’s breastfeeding journey. Evidence suggests that educating fathers on the benefits of breastfeeding doubles the likelihood of babies being exclusively breastfed for the first six months.

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    Bring dads to childbirth, baby care, and breastfeeding workshops

    Breastfeeding is a mother’s choice, but it’s crucial to have support. Sixty percent of the moms in the survey did not want to stop breastfeeding, but they encountered breastfeeding issues such as sore nipples, clogged milk ducts, mastitis, and low milk supply. (Find solutions to nursing issues here.) 

    That is too bad because breastfeeding protects the baby from illnesses, and it is the most complete food that provides all the nutrients needed in the first six months of life. It also facilitates bonding and may even help baby sleep better and longer soon. (Click here for more advantages of breastfeeding.)


    If a new dad fully grasps why breast is best, he is more likely to help solve any hurdle that his partner may encounter.

    The best way for dads to learn is to learn with mom, so make sure he also attends the pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding workshops you. Being a hand-on dad starts with dads involved in pregnancy and childbirth. (Here’s why dads should be with present at birth.)

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    Support during breastfeeding is also great for father-child bonding

    Dads used to be left out in the nursing process, but now many know of the long-lasting benefits of dad's involvement in care. (Learn about the perks of being a hands-on dad here.)

    Strong partner support is essential to a mother's postpartum recovery. Keeping a breastfeeding mom happy and worry-free leads to more milk expressed when she’s at work or not with the baby. A new mom’s psychological well-being and stress levels are linked to milk volume and flow, causing her to express less milk.

    Aside from helping around the house, dads can also take over cleaning duties for breast pump and paraphernalia. (Click here for instructions on how to clean breast pumps.) It’s a simple task, similar to making dinner for the new mom, which she can cross out in her long (and neverending) to-do list and have more time for date night or self-care. (Need more proof? Click here.)

    Plus, if dads do their part in all aspects of caring for a baby, it’ll be easier for moms to leave their child in their care alone. Moms want help, and while it may sometimes be hard for them to ask, seeing their partners committed and doing their fair share of the work can definitely make it easier.

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