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  • Saab Magalona Answers Questions On Breastfeeding Routine, Overcoming Mastitis, And More

    The mom shares tips and advice that she's learned breastfeeding her two sons.
    by Kitty Elicay . Published Jun 10, 2020
  • Moms who choose to commit to breastfeeding know that it can be demanding physically, emotionally, and mentally. But having a support system — including online groups and celebrities that are vocal about their journey — can greatly help moms achieve breastfeeding success.

    One celebrity mom who openly shares her nursing struggles and triumphs is Saab Magalona. She breastfed her firsborn, Pancho, until he was a year old (which was also around the time she found out that she was pregnant again) and she is currently breastfeeding her second child, Vito, who is turning nine months this June.

    Saab Magalona answers breastfeeding questions

    Perhaps to motivate fellow nursing moms, Saab answered a few questions about her breastfeeding journey on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. She talked about challenges like mastitis, latching pain, and more, and how she was able to overcome them.

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    Here are some of the questions and her answers:

    She had the “worst mastitis” with Pancho.

    Saab answers how she handles mastitis and latching pain.
    PHOTO BY Screenshot from @saabmagalona/Instagram

    Mastitis happens when breast tissues get infected and inflamed due to engorgement of clogged milk ducts. Saab recalls that her breasts were “rock hard and felt like they would explode.” For relief, she suggests taking a hot shower (“You can cry while in there HAHA”) and pumping. However, she cautions against overdoing it — your body might think your baby needs more milk and will produce more to compensate.


    She adds, “Make sure to massage through the pain from outer part of [the] breast towards the nipple to help unclog the ducts. Should be okay the next day!”

    She felt latching pain during Vito’s first week.

    According to Saab, it was because she had forgotten “everything I did for Pancho.” Vito had a poor latch so Saab bought a nipple shield to “power through the pain.” She says the shield helped a little bit but you ultimately need to correct the latch (Read how baby should be latching here).

    “Took maybe 5 days for me to properly heal! I have a very high tolerance for pain but this made me cry. Sooo painful,” she writes. “If I refreshed my knowledge, I could’ve avoided all of that.”

    Her milk supply decreased when she became pregnant with Vito.

    She chose to stop breastfeeding Pancho when she found out she was pregnant for the second time.
    PHOTO BY Screenshot from @saabmagalona/Instagram
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    According to Saab, one of the reasons why she suspected she was pregnant for the second time was because her milk supply decreased. “That’s why I took a pregnancy test a day before Pancho’s first birthday and found I was pregnant,” she writes. “I stopped breastfeeding [because] there’s a risk of it causing contractions. Some moms can do it [breastfeeding while pregnant] but I chose not to [because] of my complicated first birth!”

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    “Think of your pump as your baby.”

    A working mom asked for tips on pumping milk.
    PHOTO BY Screenshot from @saabmagalona/Instagram

    Saab says that you need to “think of your pump as your baby. Depending on their specific needs at a certain age, they should be eating every ___ hours.”

    She adds that you should be consistent with your pumping schedule since it can affect your supply. “It’s supply and demand. if you don’t pump, your body will think your baby skipped a meal and it will lessen your milk supply simply because it thinks your baby doesn’t need it anymore."

    When asked which breast pump she uses, Saab says she own four. Her favorite is Spectra, which was a hand-me-down from her ate. She also has two Hegen breast pumps — one electric and one manual, plus an Elvie.

    Got excess milk? Turn it into popsicles!


    Saab shares that because she’s just at home with her babies, Vito feeds directly from her breast. “I pump every so often when I feel like I need to drain my breasts and then we turn the extra milk into popsicles, which my 2 boys snack on.”

    Saab directly breastfeeds at home.
    PHOTO BY Screenshot from @saabmagalona/Instagram

    Vito’s breastfeeding routine

    Saab shares that Vito breastfeeds for about five to seven minutes every three to four hours. “But as you can see, he is gaining enough and our pedia is not concerned.” (Read how much breast milk your baby should be consuming at his age here.)

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    Best breastfeeding position and breastfeeding clothes

    Saab shares that she’s tried all recommended breastfeeding positions. But what works for her is cradle hold during the day and side-lying position at night.

    As for her breastfeeding clothes, Saab says she just gets a large shirt and cuts the sleeves for easy feeding access. “Steal your husband’s boxers na rin for more comfort lol,” she adds.

    Twiddling is when your baby reaches over to the opposite nipple that they are breastfeeding on and then twists, pulls, and pinches the nipple.
    PHOTO BY Screenshot from @saabmagalona/Instagram

    How to keep your baby from being distracted while breastfeeding

    Saab shares that when Vito is bored, “he likes to pinch, squeeze, do gymnastics while feeding haha!” To keep his hands busy while nursing, Saab gives him a small toy. “A teething necklace for moms works for us!”

    Having difficulty nursing? Find a solution to your breastfeeding problems here.

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