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Iya Villania Shares Funny Food Aversion Story: 'Uminit Ulo Ko!'
PHOTO BY @iyavillania/instagram
  • They say no two pregnancies are alike — even if it's the same mom! TV host and mom Iya Villania, now five months into her second pregnancy, is proof. When she was pregnant with her adorable panganay Primo, who is now 1 and a half years old, she shared, “It was so easy. It was like a normal day every day, but with a growing belly.” 

    One of the main differences is something dads and husbands may never understand: Pregnancy cravings and food aversions. “Nainis ako kay Drew the other day,” the mom shared about her husband during the Bambini Baby Cologne event held to introduce her and Primo as ambassadors of the product line last March 10. 

    “Nagluto kasi siya ng longganisa,” said Iya. “For some reason, yung bagong lutong longganisa, as opposed to yung iinitin mo lang, may something na amoy, eh. Hindi ko kinaya. Uminit yung ulo ko.”

    Pregnant moms can relate! Food aversions come with all the hormones the body produces when a woman is pregnant. It’s to be expected and it’s absolutely not the mom just being “maarte.”

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    “I feel like because I was choosy with my food, 'di ako nakakain. ‘Di ko alam kung ano gusto kong kainin,” Iya said. She would then settle for her tried-and-tested favorites like pizza or a burger. “Pero pag kinakain ko na, ayun, parang di ako nasa-satisfy.” 

    Registered dietitian and nutrition consultant Elizabeth Ward explained to Parents, “The normal hormonal surges you experience during pregnancy can intensify your sense of smell, which heavily influences food preference — and distaste.”

    “[Food aversions] generally start — and peak — within the first three months of pregnancy, correlating with the rise, peak, and decline of the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG),” said ob-gyn Dr. Kecia Gaither

    Now five months pregnant, Iya is past it. “Kung ano na yung niluluto sa bahay, masaya na'ko!” And Iya’s pregnancy craving? Instant noodles! She doesn’t give in most of the time “but, the few times that I do, sarap na sarap talaga ako.”

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    Last month, Iya posted photos from her gender reveal on Instagram to announce Primo will be a kuya to another baby boy! “I actually dreamt [it was going to be a boy]. Nanaginip ako na lalaki ulit… and true enough it is,” she said.

    She added, “I would like to think [I'm better prepared this time]. I would also like to feel that, because it's the second, it's not a new feeling. So, mas familiar ako with what I'm about to go through again.” 

    Similar to her first pregnancy, Iya continues to exercise and work out throughout her second one as well. Talking about her being active in the gym, “a lot of people were concerned even with my first pregnancy but, thank God, everything went smoothly. Primo is a happy boy and healthy. So, I'd like to think I would be able to do the same with this pregnancy.”


    “A lot of people might look at me and think, ‘She thinks too much of herself kaya parati siya nag dyi-gym.’ But, hindi eh. It's not because 'Miss Gym' ako. It's really because it makes me feel good. It puts me in a good mood. It gives me the energy. It gives me the patience. It gives me the strength and endurance.

    “Fitness is really my lifestyle. [If I stop], I think emotionally and mentally that won't be healthy for me. And, if I'm not healthy, it won't be healthy for my family also,” said the mom.

    Her advice to other moms getting unsolicited advice and negative comments? “A lot of them are there to help you. A lot of them say it in the wrong way lang. Just take what you can, whatever is helpful. And whatever isn't, just brush it off.” Truth! 

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