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  • 7 Tips to Get You Through Your First Trimester, According to Andi Manzano

    Now at 18 weeks, the celebrity host shares how she managed to breeze through her first trimester.
    by Kitty Elicay .
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  • Since announcing that she was expecting her second child back in July, host, radio DJ, and vlogger Andi Manzano has been updating her followers on her pregnancy journey and showing off that beautiful bump on her Instagram account. But weeks before the big reveal happened, we now know that the soon-to-be mom of two also struggled during her first trimester.

    In one of her latest vlogs, Andi gives an update on how her pregnancy is going so far and also shares some tips on how she was able to overcome the usual pregnancy symptoms during the first trimester — morning sickness included.

    “For my first three months, it was quite a challenge. It was similar to my first, with Olivia,” Andi shared. “I was nauseated, I was always tired — all I wanted to do was sleep. I couldn’t check my phone or my laptop because I’d get so dizzy right away.”

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    Andi adds that she also found it difficult to eat, which made her lose weight. But now that she’s 18 weeks along, her pregnancy has taken a positive turn. They even have an idea of their baby’s gender but need to make sure of it on their next doctor’s appointment, on her 5th month of gestation.

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    Since she had been getting a lot of questions about how she was able to breeze through her first trimester, Andi compiled some helpful tips that worked for her. Here are some of them:

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    1. Make sure to get clearance from your doctor and only participate in pregnancy-safe activities

    Since every pregnancy is different, Andi highlights the importance of consulting your doctor for any activities (for example, exercise) that you want to do. “For the first three months, my doctor told me to slow down, not exercise and just relax,” she shared. “I didn’t carry anything heavy or carry Olivia for too long.”

    2. Mind the food you eat.

    Andi shares the kinds of food she stayed away from during her first trimester.“Undercooked meat, unpasteurized cheese, anything that contains raw eggs, sushi, and raw seafood,” she shared. She also said that she stayed away from salad unless it was washed really well.  (Read about other food that you should be cautious about while you’re pregnant here.)


    3. Invest in new underwear.

    Your body undergoes a lot of changes when pregnant; including weight gain and bigger breasts. Andi suggests buying new underwear in preparation for these changes.

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    4. Write down your pregnancy memories.

    Andi shared that she got this advice from her mom and we think it’s a great idea! “Write down the first time you found out that you were pregnant, the first visit to your doctor, the day you announced to your family, the day you announced on social media, the day you told your other kids, the first time you heard your baby’s heart, or the first little kick on your tummy — trust me, you’ll forget all these things if you don’t write it down,” she said.

    5. Track your pregnancy weight gain.

    We’ve already said that during your pregnancy, you have to eat healthily and not for two. Andi’s doctor gives the same advice as well. “As much as I want to use [pregnancy] as an excuse for another burger or fries, with ice cream on the side, my doctor says I’m not yet eating for two,” she said.

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    6. Do something good for yourself.

    Because some women experience difficulty in their first three months, Andi highlights the importance of taking care of your pregnant self. “When you’re in your first trimester and you feel like crap, do something good for yourself. Get a message, get your nails done, kick back and finish your favorite Netflix series. Treat yourself!”

    7. Check in with a fellow preggo BFF.

    When you’re pregnant, you go through a lot of emotions, so it’s nice to be able to share it with other people who are going through the same things as you. “You can even share your journey with some mommas online,” she shared and invited her viewers to get in touch with her anytime. “We’re not in this alone, we’re in this together. Let’s share whatever we can!”

    We agree with Andi — you are not in this alone, so feel free to share your tips and experiences on our Parent Chat or on our Facebook group, Smart Parenting Village. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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