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  • Buntis in Gym: Pregnancy Fitness

    Exercising while pregnant is actually beneficial for you. Prepare for a healthy and fit journey to childbirth now.

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    Working out while pregnant used to be a big no-no, but now, many moms-to-be are continuing their pre-pregnancy fitness programs or even starting them. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, studies show that those who continue exercising have an easier pregnancy and labor. They also get their pre-baby bodies back faster! Now what mom wouldn’t want that?


    Medical clearance is needed so inform your OB-Gyne immediately. The gym will probably require it too. Now is not the time to start triathlon training—but walking, swimming, and low-impact aerobics are good choices. Start slow and take baby steps—maybe 10-15 minutes first then gradually building up your endurance.

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    You can continue running and strength/weight training—if you were regularly doing this before pregnancy but cut out heavy weights and don’t exercise while lying flat on your back after the first trimester—this can compress blood vessels in the lower half of your body, reducing blood flow to the baby. Around the third trimester, it’s time to cut back since your center of gravity and balance will be thrown off a bit, which might cause injuries.

    So as soon as you get your doctor’s clearance, go and hit the gym, start walking and getting active—despite the baby bump—it’s good for you and the baby!





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