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  • Here Are Must-Try Sex Positions During Pregnancy (Yes, It's Safe!)

    The number of sex positions during pregnancy you can do isn't limited to one!
    by Rachel Perez .
Here Are Must-Try Sex Positions During Pregnancy (Yes, It's Safe!)
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  • Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't have sex anymore. Yes, you read that right. It's okay to still be intimate even when you're already growing a little human being inside you. In fact, the number of sex positions during pregnancy you can do isn't just limited to the missionary position!

    "Sex during pregnancy is not contraindicated," reassures obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Aurora Lopez-Valdez. "There is no such a thing as best or safest time to do it. You can always do it."

    Dr. Philip S. Chua adds, "Medically speaking, [a pregnant woman] can keep doing it right up until her water breaks." He also says preggos can have sex as many times as she and her partner desire as long as the woman feels comfortable and safe.

    So, again, having sex anytime along the course of nine months should be okay. The only time you can't have sex while you have a bun in your oven is when your doctor says you can't. He will provide you a valid reason; high-risk pregnancies and women who experience pregnancy complications are advised not to have intercourse as a precaution.

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    When is it not safe to have sex during pregnancy?

    You may need to abstain from sex or find other ways to be intimate with your partner if you have the following conditions, as listed by the non-profit health organization March of Dimes:

    • You have a history of miscarriage or premature birth or labor.
    • You have had unexplained bleeding or is experiencing bleeding.
    • You have a low-lying placenta or placenta previa, which means that your placenta is partially or fully blocking your cervix.
    • You have an incompetent cervix, which means it's opening too early into the pregnancy.
    • You're carrying multiples and already in the last trimester.
    • Your water bag has broken, or you're leaking amniotic fluid.

    Can having sex harm my unborn baby?

    Thanks to the mucus plug, your amniotic sac, and your uterus, intercourse is entirely safe for your unborn baby.

    The mucus plug seals your cervix and protects your uterus against bacteria and infections. It's the reason why pregnant women can swim without having to worry if chlorinated water could get inside her womb and why preggos can still enjoy sex without having to worry if semen would hurt their baby. 

    The amniotic sac, which is essentially your baby's first home, has the same purpose: to guard your developing baby against any infection that may threaten its well-being and keep your little one nestled and safe from bumps and jolts and even sudden changes in temperature. 

    We already know your next question, and the answer is no. Your partner's penis, no matter how sizeable it could be, penetrates your vagina and not your uterus. It definitely doesn't reach your baby, like what local myths would have you believe.

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    Is it normal to have a lower sex drive when pregnant?

    There are women who experience diminished sexual desire during pregnancy. Not wanting to have sex usually has to do with hormones, discomfort and low self-esteem due to the body changes.

    However, almost 40% of pregnant women want MORE sex than they usually would when they're not expecting. Sexual pleasure and gratification is still a need to be met, even when pregnant. So, yes, you can crave just the same frequency of bed romps.

    Many preggos swear that pregnant sex is the best they've had. For starters, they don't have to worry about contraception. Preggos who continue to have sex with their partner even when pregnant also find it fulfilling. Even with their growing belly, their partners still find them sexy and attractive to have sex with. Some men, on the other hand, see sex as a way to be more involved in their partner's pregnancy journey.

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    What positions are safe for pregnant sex?

    Yes, you can have sex while you're pregnant, but don't expect it to be the same as when you were still just having fun or trying to conceive. The changes your body is going through may affect how you experience pleasure. Your breasts might be too tender, and of course, you'd have to consider that growing tummy of yours when you're choosing sex positions.

    Don't let that stop you from being adventurous though. Just make sure you don't put pressure on the belly or your abdomen or lie flat on your back. Your comfort should also still be a top consideration. So, remember to go slow and stop right away if you feel abdominal cramps, fatigue, or heaviness, or anything beyond the normal. Here are some of the best and safe sex positions during pregnancy:

    1. Spooning

    You and your partner lie sideways as he enters you from behind. Lie on your left side to increase blood circulation. Have his hands all over your body, or open your legs a bit and direct his hands to gently play with you and give you pleasure down there.

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    2. Cowgirl or reverse cowgirl

    Women on top is a win for pregnant sex until you're too heavy to move up and down. While you still can, take it as an opportunity to be in control of the motions — listen to your body and adjust how deep or how fast you go. For variation, instead of doing it on the bed, have your way with your partner on a chair or couch. Make sure to choose a low chair, one that allows you to put your feet firmly on the ground and anchor your movement.


    3. Rear entry

    Any rear-entry position will have your bump out of the way. Do a traditional doggy style with you on all fours on the bed, or leap frog style, which is similar to doggy but with your arms and head resting on the bed for support (though this is only doable if your belly is still small).

    You can also kneel on the couch and place your hands on the backrest, or stand up and bend forward using a table or chair to put your hands on for support. Or, just stand and face a wall (lean on it for support) as your partner "searches" you from behind.

    4. Missionary

    Normal missionary position could still work during the earlier months of pregnancy when your bump is not too big yet and as long as your partner doesn't put his weight on you. Just prop some pillows on your behind, so you're not lying flat on the bed.

    Once your bump starts to show, modify this classic position by lying on the bed or couch with your bottom close to the edge while your partner is on his knees and enters you. Or, have your partner stand as he thrusts inside you as you're seated on the edge of a sturdy counter or table.

    5. Lazy Sex

    For shallow penetration, lie on the bed face-to-face with your legs intertwined. If you want your partner to go deeper inside you, let your bodies form an X shape, which gives your partner more room to thrust. You can also do the side-saddle: lie down and have both your legs propped over your partner as he enters you from a 90-degree angle. He'll be doing all the work on this one.

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    How adventurous can you be with pregnant sex?

    You can continue to receive oral sex but with caution. Instruct your partner not to blow air inside your vagina. It can cause air embolism (bubbles of air get into your blood circulation). It's rare but it can be life-threatening to you and your baby. As you near your due date, try to refrain from receiving oral sex as your cervix gets thinner as you near birth.

    Steer clear of sex toys while you're expecting. They work differently and may harm you and your baby without you knowing it. Using lubes are okay; it won't get inside your uterus (remember mucus plug!) though you might not need it because preggos can be well-lubricated down there.

    Will sex trigger labor and delivery?

    There are studies — obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Maria Carla Esquivias-Chua also confirms this — that show semen contains prostaglandins, which may help ripen your cervix and open it up. However, if you have a low-risk pregnancy and not yet full-term, sexual stimulation or having an orgasm will not cause you to go into labor or cause a miscarriage. While it may trigger mild contractions, they're temporary and harmless.

    It's normal to feel some cramping, but call your doctor if it doesn't go away after a few minutes, or you feel pain and experience bleeding after sex.

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