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Would You Believe Us if We Say a Hair Comb Might Be Helpful for Labor Pain?
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  • The pain in childbirth is mostly due to labor contractions when your cervix opens up to 10 centimeters, allowing the baby to pass through. Unless you’re having an elected C-section (CS), it can be painful, making it necessary for the doctor to give you an epidural or other types of pain relief.

    Many moms choose to manage labor pain by relying on distraction and relaxation techniques like body positionsmeditation, aromatherapy, or music therapy. But have you ever heard of a tip that says grasping a hair comb on your hand can help preggos get through hours of labor pain? Our eyebrows are raised, too. 

    According to a post by Fox Valley Birth and Baby, a company that offers birth photography and videography, doula and lactation services, and childbirth education classes, gripping a hair comb will enable a preggo to hit acupuncture points in her hands that can help ease labor pain.

    “It also plays into the gate control pain theory.” the post read. The theory states, “The brain can only focus on a select number of sensation. Because the nerve endings are closer on your hands, they reach your brain faster, helping your body forget about the contractions,” it read.

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    Many women were left puzzled. How do you hold the comb to get the acupuncture benefit? Is there a wrong grip? Fox Valley Birth and Baby gave instructions: position the hair comb’s tips on the base of your fingers across the palm of your hands. It also shared photos of the proper use of the hair comb during labor:

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    As of press time, Fox Valley Birth and Baby’s post has been shared nearly 21,500 times and collected about 6,400 reactions. In the comments, expecting moms were skeptical of the tip, but many expressed that any doubts are not stopping them from packing a comb in their delivery-day hospital bags

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    “I wanted my sister to dig her nails into my arms when I was in labor because it distracted me from the pain. I think that idea is true. Because it really helped,” one mom said about the comb hack.

    Another mom quipped her hand might bleed by the time she pushes the baby out since she will grip the comb rally hard. Others suggested it could be used as a stress reliever and not just during labor — it could be a pain distraction technique when getting a tattoo (not that the pain is the same).

    One mom said she actually used the hair comb trick during labor, and it worked! A woman training to be a doula vouched for the hack, saying many doulas use it as counter-pressure.


    Would you try the hair comb for your labor pain? Sound off in the comments below. 

    What other parents are reading

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