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'I Was Just So Scared To Give Birth Again,' Katarina Rodriguez Opens Up About Pre-Labor Anxiety
  • While we were celebrating with our families during New Year's eve, beauty queen and soon-to-be mom of two Katarina Rodriguez revealed she felt anxious about giving birth again.

    In an Instagram post shared on January 11, the beauty queen and actress opened up about pre-labor anxiety, with the hopes of normalizing conversations about it.

    "Let's talk about pre-labor anxiety. Often I see and take part in conversations about postpartum depression, however on New Year's Eve, I experienced something I never thought I'd go through. My mind went somewhere dark and scary. Although my first birth experience was amazing, I had/have been having anxiety and fear of the labor to come."

    "I had never felt fear [at] this caliber before. I was just so scared to give birth again."

    Katarina delivered her first child Robert Joaquin, via water birth on August 25, 2021, in Davao, where her partner, Nino Barbers, was then based.

    "I finally know the true power of woman," she wrote then.

    With her due date set in a week, Katarina said she decided to check herself in at the hospital so she can feel safer.


    "The baby is fine, she's actually so good and healthy, and tbh, she's just chilling in my tummy! It's me, I am the problem. My mind was spiraling to so many unnecessary thoughts and I felt like my vision was clouded, literally and figuratively. I had never felt fear [at] this caliber before. I was just so scared to give birth again," she said.

    What calmed her is knowing that her baby is well makes her feel secure. She then went on to say how having a support system is important for every expecting mom.

    "But what helped me the most was the amount of mothers who have gone (or are going) through the same thing. I want to say thank you to every mother who has reached out to me and to those who have also shared with me what got them through their own fears and anxieties. I have drawn strength and bravery from each of you."

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    How to manage pre-labor anxiety

    Experiencing stress and anxiety during pregnancy may lead to the following complications:

    • Preeclampsia
    • Premature birth
    • Low birth weight

    Here's what you can do:

    1. Talk with your doctor

    If you have been feeling symptoms of anxiety, such as feeling worried, irritable, or sleepless, talk with your doctor about it. Experiencing anxiety during pregnancy puts you at high risk for postpartum depression. It's always better to ask for help from experts. 

    2. Be gentle with yourself

    It's valid to feel overwhelmed with the new baby coming, but self-care is very important when you are pregnant. Take a walk for a few minutes every day to get some sun and fresh air, and also, eat whole foods.

    3. Normalize maternal mental health

    Finally, Katarina hopes that her post will spark more conversations on this phase of pregnancy. "I hope we can normalize conversations on pre-labor anxiety and I want other mothers out there who might be experiencing the same thing I did to know, you are not alone."


    "Talk to other moms, shut out anything that might trigger you and remember, we are so much stronger than we think we are. Rise above your fears as many other women have before you and will after you."

    Join us at the Smart Parenting Village, and share your thoughts and experiences with other moms and dads. We got you!

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