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  • Bashed Online, Moms' Postpartum Body Photo Calls on Women to Celebrate Their Shape

    What's a mombod? It's a body that has gone through pregnancy and childbirth, two of life's biggest achievements and most amazing miracles.
    by Rachel Perez .
  • Not surprisingly, a lot of people still ask with scrutiny why a pregnant woman still looks pregnant hours, days, even a month after giving birth. If and when they’ve managed to lose the postpartum pouch, people react to stretch marks and loose skin.

    These comments are totally uncalled for — and precisely why four mom bloggers shared their barkada photo flaunting their postpartum bodies. Each of their body types is different. Their post-baby pouches, too, are the real deal.

    Bethanie Garcia, Desiree Fortin, Katie Crenshaw, and Meg Boggs have been online friends for a long time. When they first met in person in April 2019, they decided to take a photo of how their postpartum bodies look like and shared it on their respective social media accounts.

    Unfortunately, they all received nasty and disrespectful comments about their bodies. Some of the commenters said they mistook the photo as an ad for getting tummy tucks, and why it was glorifying moms who can’t and won’t lose weight.

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    “It’s a shame that the point has been completely missed by some of the people that have taken time out of their day to comment,” Bethanie clapped back in a powerful post. Their group photo was meant to show that all body types are beautiful, she added.

    Bethanie, who has four kids, went on to call out people who were looking for skinny women in their photo. Other body types apart from skinny women are severely underrepresented in the media, be it print, TV, movies, and even on social media. “It causes women with those body types to feel less than... to feel like they’re not good enough,” she said.


    “I want to encourage anyone who felt the need to leave any of the above comments to dig deeper, self-reflect, gain some perspective, learn,” Bethanie suggested. “Your comment says WAY f*cking more about you than it does about us. Be better,” she added.

    Meg, on her part, shared a touching video showing other moms with different postpartum bodies, urging them to stand up to all the body-shaming comments their group photo received. A lot of people assumed she wasn't doing anything to keep her body fit, but she does yoga and a lot more to be active.

    “All postpartum bodies deserve to be celebrated no matter how they look — and not harassed or ridiculed for being proud of all that they are and all that they have done,” she wrote.

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    Katie agreed to a few comments, that “babies didn’t do that to her body,” or “this isn’t postpartum, she didn’t just have a baby.” “They’re right. This isn’t postpartum. It’s so much more. This is my body after 33 years of a life lived and loved,” she said.

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    Katie’s body has seen her through lifelong anxiety and depression, teenage eating disorders, two divorces, many hospital night shifts, infinite delicious meals with friends, invaluable travel experiences, and three kids.

    “We are all on our own journey of self-love and body acceptance and appreciation. Some days are harder than others,” wrote Desiree, a mom to triplets and the blogger behind Confessions of the Anxious Mama. She called for all moms to be united in empowering each and every other mom.


    “When you find the beauty in your own skin and embrace it for all it is postpartum, a transformation takes place. Together, we grow, we embrace, we change, we find the beauty,” Desiree added.

    While the hate comments may not stop instantly, we moms can start the change in ourselves and at home, teaching our kids to love their bodies. Each body is different, as each pregnancy is different, even if it happens to the same woman. It's only logical that each postpartum body will also look different.

    Call it a "mombod," if you like. What is a mombod anyway? It's a body that has gone through pregnancy and childbirth, two of life's biggest achievements and most amazing miracles.

    What other parents are reading

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