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  • Is Your Baby Ready To Start Solids? These 3 Items Are All You Need

    Before you ‘add to cart’ everything, here's what you need to know about feeding your baby for the first time
    by Judy Santiago Aladin .
Is Your Baby Ready To Start Solids? These 3 Items Are All You Need
  • Being a mom comes in phases. One moment you are rejoicing for producing your first few drops of colostrum for your baby. Next, you find yourself researching about first solids to introduce to your six-month-old. 

    They grow up so fast, and these milestones don’t always have to be overwhelming especially for first-time parents.  

    As long as you know the essentials and you have the determination to learn along the way, you’ll be okay. 

    Signs your child is ready for solids 

    As much as you want to start giving your baby solid foods, there are signs that you need to observe first, according to experts. Here’s a checklist for your baby, from the American Academy of Pediatrics guide book, Nutrition: What Every Parent Needs to Know: 

    Must be able to hold his head up

    Your baby should be in a sitting position when you feed him and he should already have good head control.

    Opens his mouth when food comes his way

    You may notice that your child also watches you eat, reaches for your food or looks eager to be fed.  

    Must be able to swallow

    It's normal for babies to push food out his mouth during your first try of feeding him, says the AAP. “Try diluting it the first few times; then, gradually thicken the texture. You may also want to wait a week or two and try again.” 

    Is big enough to start solids

    According to AAP, generally, infants are ready to start solids when they've doubled in birth weight or weigh around 13 pounds or more. Some babies start eating solids as early at 4 months old. It's always better to ask your pediatrician for their advice based on your baby's weight and age.


    How much food to give and how to give it

    If you’ve only just started to introduce solids, start with just 2 to 3 tablespoons per feeding. Don't force your baby if they don't like to eat yet. They might just be warming up.

    Another mom hack to make them open their mouth is to mix the food with some breast milk or formula, so that they will be familiar with the taste.

    What first foods to give 

    You can start with boiled vegetables like squash, sayote, mashed potato or kamote, or fruits in season, like avocado, banana, or papaya, according to nutritionist-dietitan Aurora Abella, RND, BSN.  

    How often should you feed your baby

    Feed your 6- to 8-month-old 2 to 3 meals per day in the amounts stated above. Even as you feed your child solid foods, his breastfeeding should continue, ideally until he’s 2 years old or longer, according to WHO. 

    How to prepare your baby's first solids

    Here are some items that you can consider buying when your baby transitions to solid food: 

    1. Food processor 

    Some moms swear by preparing food manually – boil or steam a vegetable then mash it with a fork until smooth. But if you want to save time in preparing baby food, you might want to get a baby food processor. BEABA has an appliance called Babycook, and it steam cooks, blends, and reheats baby food in 15 minutes tops.

    Babycook Solo Php 10,500
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    It is portable and comes in different sizes and with a bag so you can bring it to your out-of-town trips this summer. 

    Babycook Neo Php 15,000

    2. Meal set

    A basic meal set would be a bowl and spoon for your newbie eater. But what kind of material is safe for babies and is also easy to clean? 

    BEABA has a 2-piece meal set that includes a non-slip suction bottom plate with divider, and a 2nd Stage Silicone Spoon.

    2-pc Silicone Meal Set with Divider Php 1,250

    BEABA also has a 4-piece meal set, which includes a non-slip suction bottom plate, a non-slip suction bottom bowl, a non-slip cup, and a 2nd Stage Silicone Spoon.  



    Silicone Meal Set Php 1,650

    Silicone products like these are dishwasher and microwave-safe, BPA, Lead and Phthalate free so you can be sure that the products are safe for your babies.  

    3. Food storage 

    Another mom hack when preparing baby food is to cook a big batch, then divide it into small portions. This saves time, because you can boil two carrots, for example, then divide it into 4-6 meals. Just make sure that you store it properly in an airtight container to avoid contamination

    Expert Meal and Storage Food Pack Php 2,300

    Check out this Expert Meal and Storage Food Pack. This Clip Portion Set is good for preparing, conserving and even transporting baby's meals. It includes: 12 Clip Portions and 2 1st-Age Silicone Spoons.  

    From the freezer, you can just thaw it using the Babycook appliance or bring it down the fridge hours before your baby’s meal. 

    Trusted by celeb moms

    Save yourself from the stress of looking for baby food items. These celebrity moms say, investing in baby food must-haves above made them happy and worry-free when it comes to feeding their babies.

    “BÉABA’s products are so thoughtfully designed and functional,” added events host, model and mom of two kids, Patty Laurel-Filart

    On choosing a partner in motherhood, well-known designer Vania Romoff prefers BÉABA  for her daughter Emilia and twins Elias and Leon, “Being a mom is no easy feat but having BÉABA as a partner in this journey every step of the way has been amazing.” 

    Among the two approaches when feeding your baby, which would you follow? Tamang KAIN or Baby-Led Weaning? Compare the two here.

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