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Nike Will Finally Have A Maternity Collection Including Nursing-Friendly Sports Bra
PHOTO BY courtesy of Nike
  • Pregnant women and those in postpartum have different needs when it comes to fashion. So it can be frustrating and stressful when you cannot find anything, including workout clothes in your size. The excellent news is Nike has heard preggos finally.     

    Nike has announced it’s launching its first maternity line on September 17, 2020. Calling moms as the “ultimate endurance athletes,” Nike’s says its first dedicated maternity collection called Nike (M), supports women during all pregnancy stages, including the postpartum, a period when most moms feel they do not know their body anymore.

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    Athletic apparel made for moms

    Look, a breastfeeding-friendly sports bra! 


    One of Nike’s mom athletes, pro golfer Michelle Wie West (pictured on top), expressed her happiness at Nike (M)'s designs, which will “expand and contract with a woman’s body throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period,” according to Glamour.

    Wie West tells the lifestyle website, “You don’t have to try on outfits and be like, ‘Oh, is this a medium, does it fit me? Oh no, I have to wear a size large.’ Maybe it’s dumb, but I don’t like the feeling of not being able to fit in my clothes, not feeling like myself.


    “Having something that I know is the same size that I was before, mentally, that really helped me feel like myself.”

    Nike’s first dedicated maternity collection will have a four-piece capsule: pullover, sports bra, tank top, and leggings.
    ILLUSTRATOR courtesy of Nike
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    Nike (M) says it developed its maternity collection over three years. One year was spent on fitting. Spanish Olympic swimmer Ona Carbonnell is 36-weeks pregnant here.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Nike
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    Nike (M)'s pieces are designed with sustainable materials ranging from about 78 to 88 percent recycled polyester.
    ILLUSTRATOR courtesy of Nike

    Another of Nike’s brand ambassadors, British track and field athlete Perri Williams, says the maternity shirt “has this extra material for the extra weight that I’m carrying. You look very smart, very comfortable, very hip.”

    The capsule’s designs result from pregnancy data findings with analytics from more than 150,000 comparison scans of non-pregnant women against those of pregnant women.

    The catch is no details yet when Nike (M) will arrive in Southeast Asia (we hope it will besoon!) It launches on September 17 in North America, Europe, and Africa on nike.com.

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