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Tag: naptime

  • " data-title="My toddler wakes up really late in the morning, not napping until 4 or 5pm. By the time she wakes up (around 7 or 8pm), she's a bundle of energy, and my husband and I have to entertain her instead of winding down or spending quality time together." data-url="https://www.smartparenting.com.ph/parenting/baby/my-toddler-wakes-up-really-late-in-the-morning-not-napping-until-4-or-5pm-by-the-time-she-wakes-up-around-7-or-8pm-shes-a-bundle-of-energy-and-my-husband-and-i-have-to-entertain-her-instead-of-winding-down-or-spending-quality-time-together?ref=feed_1" onclick="richMediaClicks('Feed', 'Twitter Share');"> Tweet
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