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  • 6 Ways To Make Your Child's Birthday Party Special Even When You're Stuck At Home

    Just because you're having the party at home doesn't mean it can't be memorable!
    by Kitty Elicay .
6 Ways To Make Your Child's Birthday Party Special Even When You're Stuck At Home
PHOTO BY courtesy of Christine Kern Muñoz and Blythe Torrecampo
  • Many of our plans were put on hold when the enhanced community quarantine was announced — from weddings, travels, to birthday parties. If your child’s birthday falls within the quarantine period, they might be feeling pretty down that they won’t be able to celebrate their special day with their friends. (You might also be disappointed, especially if you planned long and hard for this once-in-a-lifetime event.)

    Birthday party ideas to do at home

    But just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t make your child’s birthday special. Though it will just be the family celebrating, you can still make it fun, exciting, and memorable for the kids! Here are 10 easy ways to upgrade your at-home party:

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    1. Go camping

    You don’t even need a backyard (or an actual tent!) to go camping — you can just do it indoors! Let celebrity mom Jolina Magdangal and her family inspire you — prepare camping food like hotdogs, skewers, or marshmallows; build a blanket fort, and play games, have a sing-along or tell spooky stories with the fam!


    To build a blanket fort, you’ll only need the following: a bedsheet or tablecloth, at least four chairs, and a bunch of heavy items to weigh down the corners of the tent. Position the chairs in a rectangle, with their backs turned toward one another. Drape the cloth over the chairs and make sure that portions of the fabric are on the seats of the chairs. Put heavy items on those parts of the material, so they stay in place.

    Bring out your sleeping bags or mattress, and fill your fort with pillows and stuffed toys to keep the kids entertained. You can even decorate it with Christmas lights!

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    2. Go swimming

    Pool party for two? That's how mom Blythe Torrecampo celebrated her son Jedi's first birthday! (Ate Julia was there to babysit bunso!)
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Blythe Torrecampo

    Can’t go to the beach? No problem — just bring out your inflatable pools and splash around while inside the garage. If you don’t have a lot of space, you can also use your trusty ‘ol tabo, water hose and palanggana inside the bathroom. (We’ve even seen a mom put a small inflatable pool in the balcony!) Children love water play, so no matter the size of the pool, splashing around will make them happy. Not to mention, it’s a great way to beat the heat!

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    3. Cook and bake

    Meal preparation is one of the vital life skills that your children need to learn if they want to be successful adults. Cook your child’s favorite meal and have them help you out. If they’re a little older, you can supervise while your child handles kitchen tools. You can also bake their birthday cake together! Look up no-bake cake recipes here or no-bake sweet treats here!

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    3. Decorate your house

    Chloe's birthday party is so Pinterest-worthy! Those pastel balloons are too pretty!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Christine Kern Muñoz

    For some of the members in our Smart Parenting Village, an at-home party still calls for beautifully-styled decorations. Mom Christine Kern Muñoz busted out the balloons and tulle for her daughter Chloe’s first birthday!

    In the comments section of her post, mom Christine shares that she got the balloons from Shopee and she was able to have it delivered via Lalamove (yes, during the quarantine!). For Chloe’s birthday party “entertainment,” Chrstine filled a tub with brightly colored balls for a little bit of sensory play. Resourceful!


    If you can’t have items delivered to your home, try to DIY. There are a lot of ideas here and here!

    5. Have a video call party

    If your child is badly missing his or her friends, you can arrange a video call party so they can all have merienda together! Contact the friends’ parents beforehand and set a time for the video call. You can have them do an activity all at the same time, like coloring or playing with their toys, then have your child’s friends sing happy birthday as you present your child his cake!

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    6. Have a movie night


    You can do this to bond with your kids beyond their birthday!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Alelly Hernane


    Who needs to go to the cinemas when you can watch movies in the comfort of your own home? Mom Alelly Hernane came up with a great idea: Mommy’s Movie House!



    Yes, snacks are allowed, but you have to do something nice in exchange!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Alelly Hernane


    Apart from bonding with your kids, setting a date and time for your movie night is also a nice strategy to limit your children’s screen time. You can also prepare some snacks — Mommy Alelly put a spin on her movie house’s store by asking her toddler to do small activities in exchange for food: count 1 to 10, tell her name out loud, and hug mommy. For older kids, you can ask them to finish tasks and chores so they can have money to buy food!

    Have Netflix? We came up with a list that you and your kids can watch: Studio Ghibli movies here, anime series here, and kid-friendly movies here!

    Running out of things to do during the quarantine period? We got you! Click here for 50+ kid-friendly activities. You can also do virtual tours of museums here or international spots here!

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