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50+ Activities To Keep The Kids Occupied And Entertained At Home!
  • Now that classes have been suspended and everyone is instructed to stay at home due to COVID-19, a lot of parents — especially those who have to work at home — may be scrambling to find ways to keep their kids entertained.

    Here are some of the home learning activities on her list

    Thankfully, Nilmini Rubin, the executive vice president at the consulting and engineering services firm Tetra Tech, has compiled an extensive list of activities for kids to do throughout their break, using suggestions made by her Facebook friends.

    1. Teach each other classes on any topic.

    2. Play board games.

    Board games can be a great way for your child to practice his skills in math and language, learn social skills, and more.

    3. Create a board game.

    4. Design thinking challenges.

    Hone your child’s problem-solving skills with challenges like how tall a tower can you make using 20 blocks in one minute? Click here for other ideas for similar challenges.

    5. Camp out in your backyard.

    6. Read books or audiobooks.

    7. Play with your pets.

    8. Garden.

    Gardening teaches kids values like patience and hard work, gives them the chance to engage in physical activity, and offers the family a way to bond.

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    9. Write stories and poems.

    10. Practice yoga.

    11. Be bored.

    It’s good for your child’s brain to be bored sometimes — one benefit is that it fosters his creativity and problem-solving skills.

    12. Do art projects.

    13. Make cards.

    Cards can be a great outlet for your child’s creativity and a sweet way to let your loved ones know that you’re okay.


    14. Give each other makeovers.

    15. Make DIY beauty products.

    16. Cook.

    In a SmartParenting.com.ph article, Chef Heny Sison encourages moms to involve their kids in cooking because it teaches responsibility and attention to detail, and is “the first step towards adulting.”

    17. Do science experiments.

    18. Watch movies.

    19. Take online classes.

    There are many websites and other resources where you can access classes to keep your kids learning at home, like Khan Academy, Prodigy, and ScienceFlix.

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    20. Do physical activities.

    21. Play sports.

    22. Have a dance party.

    23. Play musical instruments.

    According to another Smart Parenting article, learning how to play musical instruments “effectively trains the brain to better coordinate the different brain regions seamlessly.”

    24. Write a song.

    25. Make a music video.

    26. Design a musical instrument.

    27. Have a concert.

    28. Stage plays.

    If your child enjoys pretend play, he might enjoy entertaining the rest of the family by staging a play, complete with DIY props and costumes!

    29. Produce daily “news” updates.

    Another way to hone your tot’s storytelling skills is by shooting news broadcast-type videos where he recalls the things that happen every day.

    30. Make a movie or TV show.

    31. Create a magazine.

    32. Make a scrapbook.

    33. Write a graphic novel.

    34. Clean the house.

    It’s never too early to start involving your child in doing the chores, like cleaning the house; research says that teaching him early will help him master skills that will serve him throughout his life, like responsibility and self-reliance.

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    35. Create a donation bag.

    36. Learn how to do laundry.

    37. Learn how to sew.

    Simple sewing tasks, like sewing a button and repairing hems, are learnings that your child will undoubtedly use in the future.

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    38. Do puzzles.

    39. Play with toys.

    40. Make a fishpond in your backyard.

    You need only go on the Internet to find tutorials on how to create a DIY fishpond in your backyard.

    41. Do a video call with your loved ones.

    42. Volunteer to help your neighbors with chores.

    43. Build a solar oven.

    To create a solar oven that you can use to whip up yummy treats, you need cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, and a piece of glass cut to size. Here’s a video tutorial to teach you how to make a solar oven.

    44. Refinish or repaint furniture.

    45. Do homework.

    46. Learn to do 10 things and win a prize.

    Motivate your tot to learn new things, like how to sew on buttons and bake brownies, by offering a simple reward.

    47. Build an obstacle course.

    48. Do biography-type projects.

    Take the time to learn about your family heritage by doing projects like creating a family tree or telling stories about Lolo, Lola, and other relatives.

    49. Take a virtual museum tour.

    50. Learn coding.

    51. Do a scavenger hunt.

    52. Have a family fitness challenge.

    If you want to stay fit, try taking fitness challenges as a family, like who can take the most steps in a day and who can bike around the village the fastest.


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