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If Traffic And Coronavirus Make You Want To Work From Home, Here Are Your Options
  • It’s the year 2020. Staying at home to be a parent no longer means that it is all that you can do. There are tons of work-from-home jobs available for parents nowadays, and they range widely from avenues for businesses to part-time jobs.

    What online jobs for moms are available?

    There are many online jobs for moms that are available online. But if you want to look for one that's best for you, think about a skill or your interests. Working from home sometimes allows you to try a different field you did not have the guts try before.

    Work from home mom platforms 

    Don’t know where to start? If you want to be a work from home mom, here are a few platforms to check out.

    1. General services

    If you are not sure what kind of services you have to offer just yet, widen your search by starting with these work-from-home platforms:

    • upwork.com
    • peopleperhour.com
    • fiverr.com
    • guru.com
    • truelancer.com
    • freeeup.com
    • freelancer.com
    • golance.com
    • onlinejobs.ph
    • myoutdesk.com
    • mturk.com
    • zeerk.com
    • 199jobs.com
    • outsourcely.com
    • hubstaff.com
    • raket.ph

    The websites listed above are like the JobStreet of remote work. Employers from all over the world are on these sites looking to hire everything from personal assistants to travel planners.

    These sites not only let you work from home but if you are lucky, a few offer employees job security.

    Never fear that a client will simply disappear and leave your services unpaid. Websites like Upwork employ precautions to make sure that does not happen.

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    2. Tutorial


    If you are your child's champion tutor, work on your own time, and help someone else learn. The online tutorial sites below employ Filipinos specifically for our English-speaking prowess. The students on these sites are mostly foreigners looking to practice their English with an eloquent speaker. 

    • 51talk.com
    • acadsoc.ph
    • bizmates.ph
    • rarejob.com.ph
    • cambly.com
    • limlessons.com
    • bibo.com.ph
    • nicetalk.com

    3. Creatives

    There are sites for work-at-home jobs for creative moms who can get paid for art they had the freedom to make while in their own space. 99designs.com allows clients and designers to connect based on what they’re looking for and the skills they have to offer, respectively. Envato.com, on the other hand, has a marketplace where digital artists can sell their works.

    • 99designs.com
    • toptal.com
    • themeforest.net
    • envato.com
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    4. Review and testing

    Did you know that you can get paid just by trying out a new product or app? Review and testing sites are aplenty on the Internet, and they're full of work from home jobs for moms. Signing up for them is an easy way to earn some extra cash.

    • app.whatusersdo.com
    • enrollup.com
    • startuplift.com
    • testingtime.com
    • trymyui.com
    • userfeel.com
    • userlytics.com
    • usertest.io
    • usertesting.com
    • utest.com

    Help business owners grow their businesses by giving them honest feedback on one of the sites listed above. Working never felt more not like work when you give reviews and test products as a job.

    5. Transcription

    Parents need to be good listeners. They have to know what is up with their kids, after all. Why not make a living out by offering transcription services through one of these sites? *Wink* 

    Recommended Videos
    • gotranscript.com
    • transcribeme.com
    • scribie.com
    • verbit.ai
    • rev.com
    • peechpad.com
    • remotasks.com
    • waywithwordsjobs.com
    • accutranglobal.com
    • crowdsurfwork.com
    • verbalink.com
    • workshop.castingwords.com
    • civimom.com
    • humanatic.com

    Of the various types of work from home jobs for moms, transcription work is a job that takes time. However, it is pretty easy as long as you have a good ear. It is the perfect errand to squeeze in before going to bed and after having settled everything and everyone down at home.

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    6. Voice narration

    All of those bedtime stories prepared you for this moment. Why stop with just your kids? Share the gift of your voice to the world.

    • voicebunny.com
    • voices.com

    The names of these websites say it all. If you’ve got a captivating voice, put it to good use by taking a work from home job as a part-time voice narrator. Bring stories to life, and be a part of productions whose audience goes beyond the walls of your home.

    7. Data entry

    The task of data entry is a job not a lot of full-time working professionals have the time to do. What does it entail? Copy, and then paste. Copy, and then paste. If it sounds almost relaxing (some find it so!), you may want to give it a try and earn money at the same time with the websites below.

    • capitaltyping.com
    • ttv.microworkers.com

    Discover all of the different types of work from home jobs for moms that you can do while still being a parent before anything else. All you need is a sturdy laptop, a reliable home internet connection, and the right work ethic to get the job done.


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