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  • 10 Best Weight Management Tips from SP Moms

    This coming 2013, get back into shape with these tried and tested diet and exercise stories from moms of different backgrounds.
    by Jazer Basan .
  • fit womenIs losing weight one of your New Year’s resolutions? If it is, take your cue from fellow moms (and dads!) from the Smart Parenting Forum who swear by these methods to “keeping a sexy figure”. Read on and be inspired.

    1. Outdoor Exercise

     “I jog every day. I also enjoy joining an aerobics group and I really sweat it out. This helps me lose weight fast and I can really see an improvement in my body.”

    -Jelyn Baron, 34, Dublin, California

    Tip: Morning aerobics classes are usually held Sundays at open parks like the CCP Complex, Makati Park and Gardens, Quezon Memorial Circle, among others. These are open to the public and are mostly given for free. 


    2. Workout Video

     “Going to the gym didn’t work well for me, but I discovered that workout videos do. I switched to doing exercise videos by Jillian Michaels, such as ‘30 Days Shred’ and ‘Ripped in 30 days,’ which were both very effective. I lost 2.5cm in my thighs, 1.5 cm in my waist, and 1.5 cm in my hips in 2 months. I'm currently doing ‘Killer buns and thighs from Jillian Michaels’ and I love that it's more challenging than the first two. At the end of the day, it's not just about losing weight that's important but the overall health, strength, and discipline. I want to keep myself healthy so I can be around longer for my daughter.”


    - Vanessa Manila-Dy, 30, Antipolo, Corporate Trainer

    Tip: Working out at home is easy, convenient and free. Before getting on with your video, review the safety clip to avoid injury. It is best to consult your doctor or a professional before engaging in any physical activities.


    3. Controlled Diet

     “I eat brown rice twice a day, which may be a bit pricier than white rice, but is very high in fiber. I also go on a veggie diet, with no soft drinks, chocolates, fast food or junk food. It’s not easy but I survived, but it really takes a lot of discipline to keep to it.”

    - Ning Llorin, 26, nurse and SAHM, Manila


    “I have tried the Nestle 14-day fitness program after my doctor told me I have to lose weight. I reduced my rice intake and my body adapted quickly. I used to consume 3 cups of rice per meal, now it’s down to 1. The cereal gives me a feeling of fullness and I don’t get hungry easily after. Even my mom noticed my smaller belly. You have to prepare yourself, however, since eating the same cereal every day can get to you and may make you want to quit. I just make sure I eat less for dinner, more vegetables, less ice cream and cake (about 1-2 times a week) and replace it with fruits when I have cravings for sweets. Sometimes I snack on raisins and nuts and most important of all, drink plenty of water. I also walk home from the office 2-3 times a week (approximately 1.1 kms), and I am happy to say that so far I have lost 6 lbs. in 3 months.” 

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    -Patricia Villamin, 21, CPA  and business woman

    Tip: The Nestle 14 day Fitness program is about replacing 2 meals a day with a bowl of whole grain cereal and a suggested balanced meal as your 3rd meal (either lunch or dinner). For more information, visit http://14-dayprogram.com/customize-your-balanced-meals


    4. A combination of diet and exercise

     “What truly worked for me is a combination of healthy eating, doing the insanity workout video and progressive resistance training (weights). This trio program helped me lose 25lbs. I avoid any form of dairy products like animal milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, yolks, sodas, fruit juices, dried sweetened fruits, chips. When I cook, I only use olive oil or some non stick spray. I avoid fried foods as much as possible. If I couldn’t, portion control works best. Cheat meals are scheduled, twice a week, 3 -4 days apart. The next day should be followed with a heavy cardio. I also do sauna/steam room 3-4x a week to get rid of the excess sodium in the body. Less sodium means less bloat = flat tummy. As for the progressive resistance training, I do one body part per day. Sleep is also an important factor for this weight loss success, so I try to sleep at least 8 hours a day.”

    - Peter Gonzales, 28, nurse, LA


    “I had to learn to reduce my rice intake. It was hard for me since I always feel hungry after breastfeeding, so it took a long while and a lot of tears before I got used to eating less rice and discovered it’s the key. I need to stop when I feel full and not to give in to what my mind dictates. I take 5 meals a day but all in portions, and then drink lots and lots of water. I do scissor kicks (which is easier than sit-ups), jog in place, or go up and down the stairs for my cardio exercise. I also tried belly dancing, ballerina exercises, pilates and the Tiffany Roth routine. With these, I went down from 62-64 kg to 48 kg in 3 months. It’s not all about dieting and exercise; I just really want to change my lifestyle so I can live longer for my child.”


    - Colet Isiasa, 33, SAHM, Olongapo


    "I walk a lot when I have the chance, then I do 500 loops with the hula hoop a day. I’ve changed my diet from little to no rice at all, and I take ‘nilagang saba’ or ‘kamote’ as a substitute. I’ve veered away from softdrinks, and while I do have a  cheat day, I don’t finish the can. It can be very tempting especially since we’re entitled to unlimited soda in my workplace, but you have to resist it."

    - Shyla Apostol Marcos, 27, QC, working mother


    "I follow these tips shared to me by a friend who’s a doctor:

    1. Jog and/or do brisk walking 30 minutes to 1 hour everyday. 

    2. For dinner, eat only vegetables or fruit shakes, such as carrots, cucumber and apple with 1 slice of raisin wheat bread (you can mix veggies with fruits to sweeten the shake).

    3. Take soya milk and 1 slice of wheat bread or rolled oats for breakfast.

    4. In between meals, take fruits or light crackers. Don’t starve yourself.5. For lunch, eat rice and veggies with meat or fish.”

    - Madonna Estapia-Lobido, 34, Engineer


    5. Nutritional Shake

    “The most effective weight loss method I’ve tried is the Herbalife nutritional shake as meal replacement for breakfast and dinner. In 2 weeks I lost 2 kgs and achieved my ideal weight after 2 months time.” 

    - Vanessa Carreon, 29, Businesswoman, Singapore

    Tip: Nutritional shakes or meal replacement shakes offer a low-calorie meal substitute while helping you burn more of your body’s calories through physical activities and exercise, thus resulting to weight loss. The convenience of products like this is advantageous for people on-the-go. Source: livestrong.com



    6. Fiber drink/capsule

    “I take fiber (C-Lium) and it gives me a feeling of fullness, and I feel totally cleansed. I find the capsule more convenient and effective than the powder form. Besides helping me lose weight, it also normalizes my cholesterol level. Best to take it in the morning or before lunch.”

    -Abby Dela Cruz, Programmer, 28, Makati

    Tip: Psyllium, the active ingredient in this product promotes intestinal health by bulking the stool with fiber therefore correcting constipation and diarrhea. It helps carry waste that could otherwise be reabsorbed in the intestines out of the body, and also stabilizes sugar in the blood. Source: livestrong.com


    7. Slimming Coffee

    After giving birth, it was difficult to lose the extra weight, especially in the tummy area. When I tried Leisure 18 at least 3 days a week, I noticed that my tummy somehow became smaller after a while. Since I’ve already achieved the results I wanted, I don’t consume as much anymore; instead, I stick to a healthy diet. 

    -Jing Usman, 22, Pampanga, entrepreneur

    Tip: When trying out new products, research about them thoroughly before you give them a try.


    8. Slimming Tea

    “I took Biofit for 11 months, after which I was able to fit into my old jeans again. I stopped momentarily when I started taking pills, so I gained back 5 kilos, but now I’m on it again and I feel great! I take it before bedtime to regulate my digestion, and I find it effective and affordable.”


    -Rose Marie Apolinar, 24, Taytay, Rizal

    Tip: The Senna herb, which is the main ingredient in Biofit, is a natural laxative. It causes immediate contractions and forces the body to expel waste and water within hours of use. It can cause temporary weight loss and also electrolyte imbalance. Source: http://www.dietspotlight.com 


    9. Slimming Pills

    I take Pearl White Slimming pills but I also need to exercise for a flatter, firmer tummy. I also jog every morning. Doing these helped me lose 2-4 kgs in a month.” 

    -Sheila Monteclavo, WAHM, Virtual Assistant Coach. 

    Tip: Before taking any product, check with your physician first and make sure that the drug has been inspected by and approved by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD). 


    10. Breastfeeding

    "Breastfeeding is my only method for weight loss. I feel like my baby just took in all my fat through feeding. Of course, I also watch my rice intake since I can’t exercise because of my CS operation."

    -Jenina Marie Decena ,Enterpreneur, Manila


    "I became thin with breastfeeding and I went down from 90 kgs to 63 kgs in just 6 months!"

    -Gem Malvar, 25, Pasig


    "Breastfeeding is the best way to lose weight especially for those who went thru the C-section.  No extra effort required - I can eat anything I want, plus there’s the bonus of health benefits for baby and mom!"

    -Nina Mariano-Malanay, SAHM, Pasig


    "I amazingly lost a lot of weight while exclusively breastfeeding for 7 months. Before I gave birth, my weight was at 70 kgs. After 1 month, I immediately dropped to 54 kgs. I now weigh 52 kgs, and I maintain my weight just by doing mommy tasks."


    -Jenny Dela Cruz, Data Analyst, Makati

    Tip: Breastfeeding can burn up to 600 calories a day, which is equal to calories burned by jumping rope for about an hour. Since weight loss differs for each person, breastfeeding is best complemented with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Sources: healthtap.com and breastfeeding.com


    Disclaimer: The foregoing statements are personal testimonies of the interviewees. Smart Parenting does not endorse the above-mentioned products nor guarantee their effectiveness, and shall not be held liable for any circumstances arising from the interpretation of the readers of this feature.


    Image from www.hcmti.com

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