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  • 'Don't Waste a Single Day Being at War With Your Body'

    This mom's road to self-acceptance is an inspiration to all women, even young girls.
    by Rachel Perez .
'Don't Waste a Single Day Being at War With Your Body'
PHOTO BY @bodyimagemovement/Instagram
  • Four years ago, Taryn Brumfitt, a mom of three from Australia, made headlines when she posted an unconventional "before" and "after" photo. It went viral because her slim and toned body was the before shot, and her body after three kids was her "after" photo. The year before Taryn posted the photos on social media she was planning to go under the knife to get perkier boobs and a tighter stomach. She eventually realized having a perfect body, one that conforms to what society thinks is beautiful or sexy, didn't make her happy. She was done obsessing over her body, and her photos was her way of telling the world that even without the perfect body, she was happy.

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    Taryn's journey to self-acceptance led to a book, Embrace: My Story from Body Loather to Body Lover; a documentary film, Embrace; and the Body Image Movement (BIM), an advocay that encourages all people especially women and young girls to love and embrace their bodies.   


    "After I had my three children, I ended up hating my body. So I trained hard," Brumfitt said in the trailer for the documentary. "Too much sacrifice, too much time, too much obsession. And it's just not worth it. I don't want my daughter to feel the same way," Brumfitt added.


    With BIM, Taryn's mission is to help women be more accepting of who they are, use positive language when it came to their bodies, and prioritize health before beauty. She clarifies, however, that she's not pro-obesity; she is against the obsession that women are expected to conform to a particular shape and size. It's all about balance, getting her dose of healthy food and exercise but also allowing her to indulge in cake or sweets once in a while. "This body of mine, it's not an ornament; it's a vehicle," she also said in the trailer.

    "Our bodies will go through many changes in our life. Our bodies change through aging, pregnancy, illness, weight loss, weight gain the list goes on," Brumfitt wrote. "One thing we must learn to do is love our bodies before, during and after. Be loyal to your body, love your body, it's the only one you've got," she stressed. 

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    To all women and young girls, Brumfitt has some inspiring parting words, as heard in the trailer: "Don't waste a single day being at war with your bodies -- just embrace it!"

    Embrace is a documentary that tells Taryn Brunfitt story, and it also uncovers why poor body image has become a global epidemic. It gives hope on what women all around the globe can do to have a brighter future.  

    Visit Body Image Movement's website or on Facebook. Follow BIM on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. Taryn Brumfitt also has a website and is also on Facebook and Twitter. You can also listen to her TedxTalk here.

    [h/t: Babble]

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