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Embracing Mom Bod! 6 Moms Say Bye To Insecurities, Hello Sexy And Strong Body
PHOTO BY courtesy of Moise Santos-Aquino (left) and Cherrie Rose Magbanua
  • If moms were to list one of the most stressful things in life after you have a baby, shopping for swimwear for herself would probably be in the top 10. It does not matter that more shops now offer swimsuits in different sizes (yay!). You face the mirror, and you don’t like what you see, whether you’re “heavy” or “thin.” 

    Body confidence has never been about size and shape — it’s about what you feel inside. And that’s why it’s tough because, as they say, self-esteem is an inside job. And we will have different experiences of getting to that place where we feel good about our bodies (without the filter!). Respect that journey about yourself, your friend, your sister, your mom, or your fellow woman.

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    Here are inspiring stories from some members of the Smart Parenting Mom Network.   

    Motherhood is empowering

    Clarisse's eureka moment: "I realized I could still look good in the swimsuit. I need to get the right size!"

    Before I became a mom, I was always conscious about wearing one, so I didn’t wear swimsuits a lot. I had been a lot thinner before I got pregnant, but I actually felt more confident about my body after I gave birth. I am not ashamed of my post-baby body — stretch marks, extra belly fat, and all. In fact, I am proud of it. I guess it’s because I realized how strong my body really is and what it is capable of (I carried a child inside me for 9 months and gave birth after all). Being a mother is really empowering. – Clarisse Valdecantos

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    Alfie recalls telling herself, "The beach baby was finally back! And now, she has a confident and swimsuit-loving beach baby of her own."

    I will always remember the first time I wore a swimsuit right after giving birth. It had been memorable because it was the only time I felt like a swimsuit wasn’t what I should be wearing when I go swimming. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror, and I refused to be in photos because I couldn’t hide my thunder thighs and mommy pouch. The once beach baby didn’t like to go to the beach anymore 

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    Then 2019 came, and I became a part of my company’s badminton team. Games became weekly workouts, and I started to eat healthily. I lost a few pounds and felt lighter and stronger. Pretty soon, I was flaunting my thunder thighs and mommy pouch, together with my stretchmarks!

    It took me three years (and a lot of hard work and self-discipline) to accept my mom-bod. And guess what? It’s the sexiest body I’ve ever had in my whole life. – Alfie Angelica Saniel

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    Be proud to flaunt your body no matter what shape or size

    Bryce says, "Motherhood made me realize that every woman's body is beautiful no matter what shape or size."

    I still have a flabby tummy or thick thighs, but I am not letting let these things stop me anymore from wearing a cute swimsuit with my daughter and have fun at the beach. I have embraced my flaws, my folds, and yes, even my CS scar. This scar is a reminder that my body has served as a home for my baby for nine months. It is the same body no matter how imperfect it is that is continously giving love and care to my daughter. – Brycelyn Tucker-Tiburcio

    KB says insecurities are inevitable, but you can stop it from ruling your life.

    I have always been insecure about my body. I feel fat, bloated, and ugly because I still have stretch marks. But the husband tells me I should be proud of my stretch marks because these are battle scars. I may be a mom, but I am also a woman, and that shouldn’t stop me from wearing and doing what I want. – KB Bonifacio-Ignacio

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    Moise says that when she looks at her boudoir shots, "I am reminded to appreciate me and that my imperfections make me even more beautiful."
    PHOTO BY The Daydreamer Studios

    A few months before my wedding, I won a free boudoir shoot. I am a certified hubadera -- I love showing skin so I was so thrilled! While I love showing skin, I wasn’t into lingerie. For months, I scoured the malls for the perfect lingerie, but none sparked joy. I ended up buying a lovely swimsuit at an online shop my sister and I found.

    The boudoir shoot was such an amazing experience, and I highly recommend it to all ladies! During the shoot, the two female photographers made me forget all my flaws -- my dark underarms, flat chest, tiyan, stretch marks, varicose veins, cellulite, thunder thighs, and almost cankles. I was so happy with the raw photos! – Moise Santos-Aquino

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    Lift other moms up

    Cherrie says, "This swimsuit reminded me how a simple shopping exercise inspired one mom to embark on an exciting ride called 'twinning.'"

    Twinning is what spices up my bonding moments with Zuri. She had this black swimsuit with a boho print accent, and I wanted one to match it. 


    At the department store, a pregnant sales representative approached me, who asked what help

    I needed. I showed her Zuri’s swimsuit. Then with a bright smile on her face, she said, “Ay, ang cute niyo naman po, Ma’am. Lagi po kayo same ni baby?”

    Smiling back at her, I answered, “Yes po. Nakakatuwa lagi na twinning or matchy kami. Kahit po sa bahay same slippers, same pambahay, ayun po.” She added, “Wow! Ang saya! I am expecting a baby girl soon. Gusto ko rin mag-twinning kami like you.” – Cherrie Rose Magbanua

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