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  • Watch and Listen! This Girl Has a Message for Us Grown-Ups

    Aside from being super adorable, this 4-year-old has wise tips when it comes to making New Year's resolutions.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
Watch and Listen! This Girl Has a Message for Us Grown-Ups
PHOTO BY screen cap from Viral Museum via Facebook
  • We may have just watched the cutest -- and perhaps the wisest -- video about how to make sure your New Year's resolutions will work this year.  

    Let's start with the cute aspect of this video you can see below. It features a charming 4-year-old girl with the most adorable accent (no details were shared about the identity or nationality of this girl, but her accent sounds Australian). Seriously, any word that comes out of this girl's mouth will make you smile and warm your heart. But then you hear her very wise New Year's message; by the end of it, you want to pick her up and give her the tightest hug she can receive. 

    In her video message that went viral on Facebook (it has been viewed almost two million times with more than 54,000 shares), the Hello Kitty fan (based on her shirt) begins by explaining her problem with New Year resolutions. She says we all tend to see it as a ''one time to change." Instead of "one big moment," we should see resolutions occurring "in thousands of little moments" for real change to happen. 

    She continues, "Every time you choose to forgive or slow down or be grateful or stay calm, each little moment that you choose what's right instead of what's easy, faith instead of doubt, love instead of hate, that's where change happens!"

    We don't know if it's the bewitching accent, the delightful facial expressions and hand gestures, or the wisecracking quips ("So now what? Flush your resolutions down that toilet? The one that my little brother can't use?"). But when she says it's okay if we fail thirty times at our New Year goals because "there are thousands of little moments to make us better," we so believe this sweet, winning little girl. 

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