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When Your Girlfriends Want To Vacay, Just Say Yes!
  • I recently had to haggle with my girlfriends for a quick coffee night and mind you, it's not the single gals who needed convincing, but the moms who understandably had to make sure they're leaving the kids with somebody capable. Good thing we all made it, and we got together even if it's just for a few hours.

    Family vacations are happiness anchors for your children, yes. Girlfriend time—a weekend, if you can—are yours, mom! Yes, it's unlikely for us to put a "momcation" above everything else in our to-do list, but you'll thank yourself if you push for it to happen.

    It's good for your health.

    Studies have proven that we need human connections outside of romantic partners and maternal bonds, and having none of those is simply bad for our health. Being a parent and all that adulting and raising kids is a lot of work, and it's automatic to put our needs last. Doing so makes you less likely to experience parental burnout.

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    You, mom, deserve a break.

    Don't ever think otherwise. There are reasons why studies say moms more tired, lacking sleep, and more overworked—it's not fair, really. You've always done your best, and you've done enough. Besides, as the dutiful mother that we are, we will make sure the kids will be fine before we leave—and only you can make that happen.

    It will remind you who you are.

    It's easy to get lost in all the roles we play—wife, mom, daughter, and more. Before all that, you're just you and nothing can bring your true inner self out more than your girlfriends. They've seen you with baby fat, puberty, thin eyebrows, before growing into the superwoman that you are now. And with your girls, you can just be you! No judgment. You'll have a whole range of topics to talk about, from the nostalgia of the past to the catching up to present, as long as it's not just about the hubby or the kids.


    You'll love to come home after.

    It's hard to miss someone when you're with them every day, but still not really be in the moment with them. We all live a busy life now and being away for a weekend can make your husband and your kids miss you and appreciate what you do for them every single day. Whether it's a whole day, an overnighter, a weekend, or whatever you and your girls can make happen, it will make you miss your family terribly, too, and so coming home will be nothing but sweet.

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    Everybody else steps up their game.

    It may be a little easier to go away for a breather when your kids are a little older, but you may need a weekend with your girls the most when family life is in chaos. Don't worry, something good may come out of it. Your husband will learn to step up when you're away. A baby will learn to trust that Dad and his grannies love him and will care for him as much as you do. A toddler will learn to be independent, and older kids will learn about responsibility.

    You, mom, on the other hand, will learn that the family can survive with you having a well-timed few days off. You will discover that taking a momcation has nothing to do with you being a good mom. If anything, it shows that you want to be the best version of you so you can be the best wife and mom your family needs.

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    Besides, how else can a woman be well-rested, recharged, and feel beautiful and sexy if not by spending time with her girlfriends? None. Stop putting it off and don't waste time overthinking it. When your girls haller for you, just say yes!

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