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  • How Many Dishes Can You Cook With One Kilo Of Meat? Moms Share Their Hacks

    Smart Parenting Village moms share how they make the most of limited ingredients.
    by Kate Borbon .
How Many Dishes Can You Cook With One Kilo Of Meat? Moms Share Their Hacks
  • First of all, we hope you are staying put inside the house or practicing social distancing measures when you do go out. This will really help slow down the spread of the coronavirus disease or COVID-19.

    In response to COVID-19, the government has implemented an “enhanced community quarantine” over Luzon. “It will be an enhanced quarantine during which the movement of everyone will be significantly limited,” explained President Rodrigo Duterte in a pre-recorded press conference.

    At the moment, only one member of each family is permitted to go outside to purchase essentials, such as food and medicine. The president added that establishments will remain open to provide such necessities.

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    What can you do with one kilo of meat?

    Commuity quarantine means we need to be "wais" with our pantry and maximize the ingredients and supplies we have right now. We asked moms on our Facebook group Smart Parenting Village to share what they do to make the most of one kilo of meat. Here are their recipes and cooking hacks.


    Mommy Jai Bernardino said that one kilo of chicken is enough for three to four dishes. “‘Yung main na gagawin ko tinola, tapos ‘yung iba adobo,” she shared, adding that she asks to have the bones in a chicken breast removed so she can use it to cook chicken fingers. “I-marinate muna [bago] lutuin kinabukasan with breadcrumbs, egg, at harina,” she explained. “‘Yung natirang bones pwedeng isahog sa sopas o sa pansit pang-meryenda.”

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    Mommy Queen Alejo Mendoza’s secret, which she learned from her mom, is to boil meat in salted water. This way, the meat doesn’t spoil, and it defrosts quickly. She then chops it up, depending on the number of dishes required. For example, for one kilo of pork, half is used for sinigang, 1/4 is used for adobo, and 1/4 is used for munggo, pinakbet, and other vegetable dishes.

    For mommy Mamay Jane Bodiola, one kilo of meat is enough for five to six dishes since she only cooks for herself and her child. “Pagkabili, linising mabuti ang karne at saka ihiwa-hiwalay na depende sa putahe,” she advised. It can make the cooking process easier because you will no longer have to chop up the meat every time you need to cook. Instead, you just need to get a container, defrost it, and then it’s ready for cooking.


    For mommy Lea Lobel Pimentel Mendigoria’s family of five, one kilo of chicken is enough for two to four dishes. She makes two dishes whenever she uses the meat to cook adobo, ginataan, or tinola, while she makes four dishes whenever she cooks stir-fried dishes or those involving lots of vegetables.

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    Mommy Camille Edrosolo-del Rosario chooses to buy one kilo of chicken because it’s cheaper. “Hahatiin ko ito sa dalawa — pang-tinola at pang-adobo,” she shared. Meanwhile, with one kilo of pork, she uses half for adobo, 1/4 for vegetable dishes, and the other 1/4 for giniling. With fish, she only buys 1/2 kilo, which is more than enough for her family. “[Once] a week ang pagbili ng isda o karne, good for the week na ‘yun, minsan sobra pa,” she said.

    Mommy Roux Gonz says she cooks giniling so that she can use one kilo of pork to cook multiple dishes in a week for her family of two adults and three kids. Some of her favorite dishes to make are lumpiang shanghai, bola-bolang may miswa, tortang talong na may giniling, and ginataang kalabasa na may sitaw. These low-budget dishes are already good for one week for this family.


    Mommy Tiffany Joy Riosa Romero chooses to cook more vegetable dishes. “Usually, pampalasa lang [ang] meat,” she explained. Her favorite dishes to make include chop suey and other stir-fried vegetables.

    How about you? How much do you allocate for groceries now that the enhanced community quarantine is being implemented? How do you ration the supplies you purchase? Share your experiences with us in the comments section.

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