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  • This Mom Has A Message For Robin Padilla: Having A Mistress Is Not The Measure Of A Man

    A mom reacts to Robin Padilla's statements about daughter Kylie's marriage breakup.
    by Maan D'Asis Pamaran .
This Mom Has A Message For Robin Padilla: Having A Mistress Is Not The Measure Of A Man
PHOTO BY Instagram/marieltpadilla
  • In an interview with Ogie Diaz on June 8, 2021, action star Robin Padilla became the talk of the town after revealing his daughter Kylie Padilla and husband Aljur Abrenica have separated and a third party was involved. However, it is his statements filled with toxic masculinity that has concerned many, including this mom. She shares her reaction.

    Robin Padilla, former big action star, has resurfaced as a blip on our radar because of another statement proving his toxic masculinity. My jaw literally dropped when I read his advice for his daughter, Kylie, who is reeling from the breakdown of marriage while staying strong for the sake of her two children.

    By the way, Kylie has asked for respect, and I hope it is given. She deserves it — any woman who has to go through this should be given time to compose herself and emerge stronger than ever.

    As for you, Robin, the gloves are off. What your daughter needs right now is your support and words of wisdom. What did she get from you, though?

    “Lalaki iyang asawa mo. Pasalamat ka nga, anak mo, lalaki.” It was followed by “Sa panahon ngayon, huwag tayo maglokohan. Sa panahon ngayon, hindi ako naniniwala na merong lalaking makakatanggi sa tukso...”

    Then, he calls his grandkids “remembrance,” like they are souvenirs from a trip overseas.   

    It is time to put a stop to this insensitive and outdated masculinity. Having an appendage dangling between your legs does not give you an excuse to break your vows of marriage.


    Robin also said, “Basta walang pisikal na nangyari. Iyan iwasan natin. Huwag darating doon. Pangit.”

    To imply that cheating is okay — as long as there was no physical abuse is not okay. There are many forms of abuse aside from physical and sexual violence.

    Under RA 9262 or the Violence Against Women and Children Law, there is a clause on economic abuse and on psychological violence or “acts or omissions causing or likely to cause mental or emotional suffering of the victim such as but not limited to intimidation, harassment, stalking, damage to property, public ridicule or humiliation, repeated verbal abuse and mental infidelity.”

    So, no, infidelity is not ‘cool,’ Binoe. It’s a form of violence that can cause mental and emotional anguish.

    And stop it with the narrative of “boys will be boys.” Why? Because boys grow up to be men. I have four boys, and they are with me. They are not “souvenirs.” They are my pride and joy, and they are being raised to be real men in a society that is starting to value equality.

    You know what’s funny? My abusive ex idolized you, so did his late dad. In fact, when I told his dad what his son was up to, which included getting into fights with complete strangers, “dahil nagka-gitgitan sa daan,” his late father answered, “Parang si Robin Padilla,” and chuckled.

    Are you proud of yourself, Robin? Because you are being held up as an example to normalize violence all in the name of being “tunay na lalaki.”

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