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  • 4 Ways To Successfully Work From Home Even When The Kids Are Around

    by R.M. Mauhay .
4 Ways To Successfully Work From Home Even When The Kids Are Around
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  • Despite its many advantages, working from home can be quite challenging, too. If you’ve never done it before, temptations are inevitable — the chores that need to be done, your kids begging you to play with them, the TV waiting to be switched on so you can catch up on your K-dramas – everything is just distraction on display!

    Work at home guidelines to follow

    To keep you grounded, here are some work at home guidelines to keep your stress at bay while still becoming efficient as a parent and worker.

    Ensure your equipment

    Laptop or computer, a stable and reliable Internet connection and a work phone — these are your three main work at home equipment. Make sure that you have all three of them before going through with your work at home plan.

    Find the right laptop with the specs you need through our guide here. A stable Internet connection can also help a lot in team meetings and deliverables.

    Since you need a reliable connection, you can avail an additional Internet plan so there would be one for the family to share, and one for your work alone. It’s also a good back-up if the other service provider is down.

    Create your own workspace.

    The comforts of home can backfire on you if you're a work at home newbie. To avoid temptations, having your own space is essential. When you enter this area, your mindset will be to concentrate on the work at hand. When you leave that space, you will be able to take a breather and relax.


    The ideal place to do this is somewhere you can keep a door shut, so the people in the house know you don’t want to and cannot afford to be disturbed. But will it be enough to keep the kids, who crave for your attention, away?

    One mom with four kids came up with a witty door sign here. You can also play a game of “Who Can Keep Away From Mommy/Daddy Longest”, or just explain to them why it is important that you are not disturbed during a certain period of the day. Children are surprisingly understanding once they have a clear grasp of the situation.

    Having your own workstation will also keep you inspired and do wonders for your protectivity. Moms can attest to this! Click here for design ideas.

    Learn to use a planner.

    A planner can help you plot your monthly, weekly, and daily schedules, especially if you plan to take on more than one client and projects. In a previous SmartParenting.com.ph article, mom Lara Patricia Gargarutea, a Social Media Manager, recommends using Time Quadrant where you can identify which tasks are crucial but not urgent, or what are urgent but not crucial.

    You can use your planner to schedule what you do at a certain hour, and on what day. Make sure you put little breaks in between work hours, too! It’s important to meet deadlines, but your mental health is also important so you can continue to function.

    Dont forget to include family bonding in your plans. Mom Janelle Swing, who has a toddler, previously told Smart Parenting that she breaks down her to-do list accordingly. The categories include "mom duties," "client tasks," and "FHMOms tasks" to ensure that she doesn't forget about precious time with her little one.

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    Stay professional.

    Just because you're working from home doesn't mean you will leave your professionalism in the office! Be open with your superior or your team for certain deadlines that you would not be able to meet, or for any road block you face. They may have some solutions in mind that can help your team still make the project a success.

    Communication is the key to make everything work when you are doing your job remotely. Make sure your colleagues understand what you are trying to say. This will help both parties reach the middle ground if they can’t meet eye-to-eye.

    It’s okay to hesitate at first. That’s just natural for someone starting something new. As Evelyn Marta, a work at home mom, previously told Smart Parenting, “Know your skills and capabilities. There are many work from home online jobs – it can be quite overwhelming. As you gain confidence and get the hang of it, you can the give room for upskilling.”

    Looking for online jobs you can do at home? Click here for our guide!

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