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  • 10 Non-Voice Online Jobs That Do Not Require A Lot Of Experience

    by R.M. Mauhay .
10 Non-Voice Online Jobs That Do Not Require A Lot Of Experience
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  • If you have visited online freelance platforms trying to find the perfect job so you can start working from home, you might have encountered the term “non-voice” at least once or twice. It is perfect for beginners, but what is it exactly? And what are the non-voice jobs available for you?

    What does a non-voice account mean?

    In the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, work is classified into voice and non-voice accounts. Non-voice means you do not need your voice as the main tool of the trade. In this account, most tasks are purely office work, including administrative, email handling, writing articles, chat support, and more.

    What are the non-voice jobs out there?

    There are many kinds of non-voice work that you can do even if you are a beginner or have little to no work experience. Some require serious skills, but there are also those that you can master as you go.

    And it doesn’t have to be limited to BPO work, either. Here are some of the jobs you might want to consider venturing in. 

    Data entry 

    In data entry, your job would be to input data using a computer into a file or system of the company. Data output can be placed on a document or spreadsheet.

    Consider this job if you are a beginner in freelancing, but have mastery of Microsoft Office programs like Word or Excel. Having an above average typing speed is also an advantage, especially if the rates depend on the volume you produce.


    If that’s the case, it’s good to breeze through each project, but make sure to submit quality work, too. It helps establish a good relationship between you and your client.

    Content writing

    Content writers are responsible for producing engaging content for a brand, business or company’s online platform. They provide different types of write-ups and makes sure that the content brings in readers who can increase website traffic and revenue.

    Consider this job if you have a good command of the English language, and have basic knowledge of how grammar and tone works. Some clients may need you to adopt a conversational tone, while there are some that require a more technical approach.

    The best thing about this job is that your time is flexible in terms of when and how long to work, as long as you submit the output on time. (Read more about this online job here.)


     When enterprises need someone to do the minutes of their meetings, or when interviews need to be available for them in words instead of audio, they hire a transcriptionist. It’s still non-voice job even if you have to listen to recordings.

    Consider this job if you have good listening skills and can identify words even if the speaker has a heavy accent. It would also help if you have above average typing speed of 17-40 words per minute, especially for medical transcriptions.


     Transcription and translation can go hand-in-hand, but there are also job postings that only need translators.

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    Consider this job if you know three or more languages. Employers mostly look for Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, and French translators.

    Graphic design

     Many companies would pay to have a graphic designer to make their content more visually appealing. Some of the projects you could work on are company and product brochures, advertisements, magazines, corporate reports, social media reports, as well as infographics.

    Consider this job if you have the talent and resources for graphic design. Your educational background usually doesn’t matter as long as you know what you are doing.

    If you haven’t done this professionally, you can prepare a portfolio of your past works related to graphic design. Maybe you have some projects that you created for fun and as a hobby. Regularly updating your social media accounts can also serve as your portfolio.

    Chat or email support

    This one is a BPO-related non-voice account work. You basically just receive and answer inquiries in order to satisfy the needs of your client’s customers. You can do this using instant messaging apps, or using programs provided by your client.

    Consider this job if are a multitasker, have excellent written communication skills, and with a good personality. Though chat support is a non-voice account, an agent should still find ways to inject a positive personality into the conversation to help ease a client’s worries. (Read more about the job here.)

    Community and social media management

    There is a significant rise in start-up businesses who need good social media presence. You can be the one to make that possible for them.


    Social media managers are in charge of handling companies’ social channels like Facebook and Instagram. They create social media campaigns for the client, manage their posts, and promptly respond to inquiries about the client's products

    Consider this job if you are a social media savvy person, who understand how algorithms work. You can start with handling one client at a time, but with enough experience, you can handle as many clients as you can, provided that you can still give quality service.

    Content or email marketing

    Do you read promotional emails sent to you from your subscription in online shops or video-streaming platforms? That’s what content and email marketers do, and that could be the perfect job for you.

    Consider this job if you have experience in marketing and would like to pursue it as a work at home job.

    Virtual Assistance

    You can be a virtual assistant to an individual or an enterprise, remotely assisting them in whatever it is that they for their brand or business.

    Consider this job if you are willing to provide a wide variety of administrative help for your client.

    ESL Teaching (chat-based)

    “ESL” stands for “English as a Second Language.” This job would need you to teach people anywhere in the world that needs proficiency in English as a second language. There are many ESL Teaching sites out there, but Bernadette Dela Cruz of Filipina Homebased Moms highly recommend Cambly as a company that offers newbie-friendly non-voice ESL jobs.

    Consider this if you are willing to try ESL Teaching, but without the pressure of a camera facing you.

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