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Detail-Oriented And A Fast Typer? How To Ace Data Entry If You Have No Work Experience
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  • More and more parents have been transitioning from regular office positions to work at home jobs. That's because it’s the perfect opportunity to make money without sacrificing too much time away from family.

    If you want to try working from home but are not yet sure what kind of job you want to do, data entry can be the perfect fit, especially if you're a newbie or beginner with little to no experience.

    What do you do in a data entry job?

    Data entry is an online typing job that requires you to, well, enter data. That data can be anything – like an audio, video, photograph, or document – which you will need to enter (by manually typing or through copy-paste method) onto a company or client's system using a laptop or computer.

    How can I do data entry jobs from home?

    Before even considering working from home, you have to make sure you have these three things: a laptop or desktop computer, a stable Internet connection, and a good nose for sensing scams.

    First, a laptop or computer with the right specs is a must when working at home. It’s especially important for data entry specialists, like a bow to an arrow. (Read more here for the specs you should look out for.)

    Second, every freelancer needs a stable Internet connection. Nothing feels more horrible than not being able to submit an already finished output on time because of slow connection. Invest in a reliable connection for your work. It’ll be worth it.


    Third, no hard-working parent should fall prey to scams. Ever! Based on a previous SmartParenting.com.ph article, here are the things you need to remember:

    • research about the company in the job posting
    • make sure to look for jobs in reputable work at home websites (click here for a list)
    • the job is likely a scam if it’s asking you to pay 
    • stay away from job postings telling you to invite friends
    • always put it in writing and ask for a contract

    How can I apply for a data entry job?

    Finding a data entry job where you can apply is just one search away. But as mentioned earlier, you have to know legitimate sites that can provide you with the paid work you are looking for, like the following:

    • Onlinejobs.ph
    • Capitaltyping.com
    • Upwork
    • RemoteStaff
    • Outsourcely

    What skills are needed for a data entry job?

    Every job demands a certain skillset from any applicant. Your salary will depend on your skills and experience as a data entry clerk. According to The Balance Careers, to be an effective data entry specialist, you must be:

    A skilled typist

    There are tests that companies require from their applicants in order to determine their typing speed. For you to pass that test, you must score at least 45 words per minute (wpm).

    In case you do not have an idea of your current typing speed, there are typing speed tests you can take online for free like TypingTest.com. Don’t worry if you fall short on the 45wpm requirement, these sites will also provide free typing lessons to boost your speed.

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    Attention to detail 

    The job may need you to interpret and understand multiple sources of data, may it be images of handwritten letters or product reviews and comments on websites. Once you are familiar enough with the job, you should be able to easily catch inconsistencies, as well as other flaws and errors. Attaining this skill can open up opportunities for  you to verify or edit data, which would pay more since it requires skill and great attention to detail.

    A good listener 

    You should be able to decipher data from recordings in case your client needs it. This can open more doors in another online job as a transcriptionist.

    At least a high school graduate

    Not all clients will look at your educational background, but for those who will require it, it's enough to at least hve a high school diploma.

    How much can I earn with a data entry job?

    Wages for this job varies depending on skills, experience, and the type of project the clients want you to work on. It has a pretty decent pay of Php12,000.00 – Php15,000.00 a month.

    Of course you can earn more if you would be able to handle multiple projects at once, or if you have above average typing speed enabling you to (carefully!) breeze through your projects. Good luck!

    Still not sold on data entry? Check out other jobs you can do at home here.

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