news,celebrity,breast augmentation,Michelle Madrigal,breast implant,toddler stage,breast implants,Michelle Madrigal Having Her Breast Implants Removed,michelle madrigal, michelle madrigal husband, michelle madrigal daughter, breast implants, implants, celebrity,In a vlog, Michelle said that her insecurities influenced her decision to get implants. After suffering health issues, she is planning to have them removed.

Michelle Madrigal To Have Her Breast Implants Removed: 'It Doesn't Serve Me Anymore'

The former actress experienced health problems after getting her implants.

Michelle Madrigal has decided to undergo surgery to have her breast implants removed.

Michelle revealed the news on Instagram on Wednesday, December 4, writing, “Let’s talk about boobs! I am excited and nervous to share that I will be part of the itty bitty crew soon! I am doing my Explant surgery next week on December 10th with DR @patrickhsumd at the @memorialplasticsurgery.”

On the same day, Michelle uploaded a video on her YouTube page where she talked in-depth about why she got implants and why she is deciding to have them removed now.

She began by talking about how her childhood insecurities as a child about her breasts.

“One of the reasons why I got them was I was really insecure growing up, and my sister (former actress Ehra Madrigal), she had big breasts like my mom. And in my family, I was the only one who didn’t have boobs.

“I was never flat-chested but people would be like, ‘Oh, how come you and your sister aren’t the same?’ Or some friends would come up to me and say, ‘Oh, your sister, she’s got, like, big boobs.’”

While her sister Ehra felt insecure about her large breasts, Michelle felt the complete opposite.

“Actually, my sister… she didn’t really want them. She was always hunched over, she was always wearing big shirts because people were teasing her, because she had her boobs at such a young age. And here I am, the opposite of her, I was, ‘No, I want the boobs! I want that.’”

When Michelle entered showbiz, her desire to have large breasts only strengthened, especially because it seemed to be trendy at the time. She then decided to get breast implants, expecting that this would solve her insecurities.

Now, Michelle has realized that getting breast implants did nothing to fix her issues.

“I was 18 years old, all I cared about was my looks. I wasn’t thinking properly, I didn’t know the long-term effects, I didn’t know that these babies are not really [a] lifetime device.

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“At that time, I just did it for vanity, and I really thought it could fix my insecurities growing up. But even then, even in my early twenties, I was still insecure even if I had big breasts already, I felt sexy and all that, but I was still insecure here and there. I was just not really content with my own body, you know.”

When she moved to the USA, Michelle began to feel symptoms of Breast Implant Illness (BII), including joint pain, brain fog, muscle weakness, and discomfort when doing physical activities.

She started doing her research and came across a page about BII, and discovered that many other women were going through the same thing. She also found that though the women’s symptoms varied, they all began to heal after having their implants removed.

Eventually, Michelle decided to undergo explant surgery, realizing that everyone has insecurities.

"I think we all go through that, and I just think that if I knew back then that having larger breasts or whatever enhancement you've done, it's not really going to fix any issues inside,” she said.

"It's really just a mindset, and you have to go through things in order for you to overcome them.”

She also mentioned that while looks mattered when she was active in showbiz, now that she’s a wife and mom to baby Anika, her physical health is more important.

As reports, breast implants no longer suit Michelle’s lifestyle now.

"It's just not sustainable in our lifestyle anymore. I don't want to go through multiple [surgeries] every 15 to 20 years. Imagine having another surgery at 45, doing it again at 45 or 60 years old, I mean, do you really wanna put your body through that?”

Michelle also said, “[W]hen you get older, you're gonna do everything to live longer, to be healthy, and that's what I'm trying to do. I wanna be healthy when I'm 50, so I can still hang out with Anika and not be sick, and just live life without any foreign device in my system and just enjoy me."

Michelle ended her vlog with advice for women thinking about getting implants: "[R]eally think about it, and think long-term because that's something I didn't do for myself.”

She emphasized that every woman’s experience is different; just because she had health complications because of her breast implants doesn’t mean every other woman will.

Still, it’s important to do your research and consult a doctor about the possible effects of breast implants.

Can you still breastfeed if you have breast implants? Click here to learn more.

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