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  • Here's A Fun Idea From Quark Henares, Bianca Yuzon On How To Make A Pregnancy Announcement

    They are going to be first-time parents.
    by Jocelyn Valle . Published Feb 9, 2023
Here's A Fun Idea From Quark Henares, Bianca Yuzon On How To Make A Pregnancy Announcement
PHOTO BY Instagram/quarkhenares, biancayuzon
  • Quark Henares and his wife Bianca Yuzon had the most fun and ingenious way of making a pregnancy announcement.

    The filmmaker/producer and musician/artist, who got married in 2019, made their pregnancy announcement like that of a TV ad.

    In the video they jointly uploaded on their respectively Instagram accounts, they capture the reaction of people they tell the good news to.

    Those people are apparently close to them, including Quark's sister Cristalle Henares-Pitt. Their mother is beauty doctor to the stars, Vicki Belo, whose marriage to their father Atom Henares had been annulled. But the exes have remained friends.

    Other celebrities spotted in couple's video of their pregnancy announcement are actress Iza Calzado (she's due to give birth), singer Christian Bautista, and fashion designer Mich Dulce.

    The general reaction is that of surprise, but expressed in various degrees and intensity, such as: "Ahhh! What? Oh, my God! Totoo ba? Really?"

    Then come expressions of jubilation and shrieks of excitement as the couple's family members and friends realize that Quark and Bianca are going to be parents for the first time.

    Midway through the video, there's a voice-over of Quark mimicking someone talking in a commercial. He says, "What is causing extreme reaction from these people?  What could possibly be the reason behind these people expressing shock, uncontrolled laughter, or joyous crying, or even choking?"

    He goes on breaking the good news: "Why? It could only be one thing: Baby!"

    Then there's a montage of their baby's sonogram and Bianca's baby bump clips to show how far along she's in her pregnancy.

    Quark's voice-over continues: "Brand new baby is coming! A product of true love, nine months in the making. You've been once, too. And you may have had a few as well. Baby this 2023."

    Congratulations to the Quark and Bianca!


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