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  • Solenn Heussaff Reveals Difficult Pregnancy: 'I Thought I Would Give Birth At 5 Months'

    by Kitty Elicay .
  • Solenn Heussaff gave birth to the first celebrity baby of 2020 — a girl named Thylane Katana — on January 1, New Year’s Day. She delivered her baby via cesarean section at 37 weeks and a few days after her estimated due date. It was a joyous occasion, for sure, especially after the new momma revealed that she almost gave birth five months into her pregnancy.

     In the latest vlog posted on her YouTube channel, Solenn recounts her pregnancy journey and gave a peek at the intimate moments that she shared with her husband, Nico Bolzico, while they prepared for the baby girl’s arrival. While everyone thought that Solenn had a healthy pregnancy, it turns out she faced a number of complications. She chose not to disclose the details early on as her pregnancy was a personal journey.

    “It’s been such a rollercoaster. Everything was fine in the beginning,” shared the mom, who was in her 34th week when the vlog was shot. Solenn adds that “if it wasn’t for anything internal,” she would have said that she had the easiest pregnancy — no morning sickness, no cravings, and no mood swings.

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    But when she reached her fifth month of pregnancy (around 20 weeks), Solenn and Nico found out that their baby “was at the 10th percentile, meaning it was a very small baby.”

    Solenn adds, “My baby was still growing but it was still very small. I would have to say that was the worst week and a half or two weeks of my life. It went by so slowly. I couldn’t do anything.”

    In those two weeks, Solenn and Nico feared that they would give birth at five months. “I remember Nico and I were crying every day,” she says.

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    It was around this time that Solenn found out she was prone to deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or blood clots that form in veins deep within a part of the body, usually in the legs. This may interfere with blood flow. She was also prone to APAS or Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome, an autoimmune disorder wherein the body’s immune system makes abnormal antibodies that attack and damage tissues or cells.

    In October, Solenn shared an Instagram post thanking Nico for being her “personal nurse at home for the daily prickles.” It turns out she was prescribed injections, heparin or Innohep, a brand of anticoagulants or blood thinners.

    Solenn shares that Nico (who looked so worried every time) would give her the daily dose of injections. But there was also a time when Solenn would give herself the shots.
    PHOTO BY Screenshot from Solenn Heussaff/YouTube
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    Apart from getting injections, Solenn also found out she had placental calcification at around 32 weeks. A calcified placenta naturally occurs as you get closer to the end of your pregnancy, but if it occurs before a pregnant woman’s 36th week, it can cause complications like fetal growth restriction and fetal distress, according to Flo Health.

    For this condition, Solenn had to undergo intralipid infusions. Intralipid is a soy-based fatty acid that supposedly helps an embryo to properly attach to a mother’s uterus and survive.

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    “I didn’t know there would be so many complications,” Solenn says in the vlog. “I feel so good so I didn’t get it, I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me.”

    Despite the challenges, Solenn and Nico powered through. Thanks to the injections, their baby’s size went to 30 percent, and Solenn was able to maintain a good weight for her with healthy meals, “which are basically meals with protein, vegetables, and carbs — good carbs [like] brown rice, Adlai, quinoa.” She was also put on a 3,000 calorie-diet, which the pregnant momma managed even though her usual intake was at 1,200 calories.

    In her vlog, Solenn shares that she had nine friends who were pregnant at the same time as her. Some of them were going through the same things as her, and that helped make the pregnancy much easier.

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    By the end of her pregnancy update, Solenn got a little bit emotional. In the video, she was three to four weeks away from giving birth and admits that she’s panicking a little bit. “It’s been such a long journey, [but] I’m so happy I’m finally at the end,” she shares.

    Solenn’s pregnancy journey not only proves that pregnant women are tough, but they also need all the support they can get from their friends and family. It’s not only for the pregnant mom’s well-being, but the baby’s as well.

    Watch Solenn's pregnancy vlog in full below:

    Solenn has also been preparing for her breasfeeding journey by preparing lactation bread and lactation "Bolz." Click here and here for the recipes!

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