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  • Parental Burnout Is Real! The 1,750 Tough Decisions Parents Face In Baby's First Year

    Parents make about 35 or so hard decision weekly, survey says.
    by Rachel Perez .
Parental Burnout Is Real! The 1,750 Tough Decisions Parents Face In Baby's First Year
  • Imagine recovering from childbirth and getting used to your new body while figuring our your baby’s cries and trying to settle on a schedule. On top of all that, there’s the lack of sleep

    When it comes to your child’s well-being, parents consider many options and factors before deciding some of these toughest decisions. Some may be easier or harder for some parents to make depending on their lifestyle. 

    According to a survey commissioned by formula milk, parents are faced with 1,750 difficult decisions in their baby’s first year. That’s around 34 difficult decisions in a week! No wonder parents are stressed and burned out. 

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    The researchers looked at responses from 2,000 parents. The most difficult decision is choosing a name. The next one is deciding whether to breastfeed or mix-feed with formula milk. 

    Ideally, doctors recommend that infants are exclusively breastfed until six months and beyond, even after starting solid food. (Click here to know the many benefits of breast milk and breastfeeding.)

    While most moms want to breastfeed, it isn’t always easy. The decision to mix-feed is a huge decision for moms, let along switching entirely to formula. Parents who choose formula milk also need to decide which formula milk is best for their child. 

    Aside from feeding your baby, parents also need to decide their sleeping arrangements. Should you buy a co-sleeper, crib or playpen? While there is a risk, co-sleeping on the same bed makes it easier for breastfeeding moms to feed the baby in the middle of the night.


    Since a new mom’s maternity leave only lasts for about three months, figuring out child care is another tough decision. Are your parents able and willing to babysit? How to choose a yaya you can trust? Can you afford to stay at home and care for your baby?

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    Other touch decisions include: finding the right pediatrician, how to sleep-train your baby, whether or not to share pictures of your baby on social media, decorating the nursery — the list goes on. It’s hard enough to be parents, let alone if the world is out to crucify them for every decision they make.

    Parents only want the best for their children, and every family makes the best out of their situation. Instead of judging, help and support each other. 

    What other parents are reading

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