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  • Help, My Child Hates School! 5 Things You Can Do To Help Him Love Learning Again

    Make sure to listen to your child and validate his emotions.
    by Kate Borbon . Published Oct 31, 2019
Help, My Child Hates School! 5 Things You Can Do To Help Him Love Learning Again
  • Many kids will go through a phase when they hate school. These feelings might also stem from frustration because they’re struggling to get good marks in a certain subject—which damages their self-esteem—or with making friends.

    When a child says he hates school, many parents might panic and overreact. But no matter how hopeless the situation might seem, there are ways you can help your child overcome his anxieties about school. Learn about five of those things below.

    What to do if your child says he hates school

    1. Listen to your child.

    The first thing a parent needs to do is listen to their child talk about why he hates school. Whatever the cause of those feelings may be, remember to give your child the chance to talk about how he feels. Try not to say things that might invalidate those feelings; instead, respond with understanding to help him sort through his feelings faster.

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    2. Show him that learning can be fun.

    Different kids have different ways of learning; some might enjoy listening to class discussions, some might require hands-on experience, and some might prefer playing games to learn educational concepts. There are lots of learning activities you can do with your child at home to teach him or let him practice the lessons he is being taught in school. Through these simple activities, you might be able to help your child see that learning can be fun!

    3. Speak to his teacher.

    If you feel as if your child’s issues with school are only getting worse, it might be necessary to set up a meeting with his teacher. Ask them about what goes on in the classroom to get a sense of what goes on and inform them about your child’s concerns. Learning Liftoff says that teachers feel empowered when parents show a genuine interest in their children’s learning experience, so this might be what you need to find a solution to your child’s woes.

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    4. Ask for other people’s help.

    Motherly says that kids often learn best from other kids. You can try inviting one of your child’s friends to do homework with him; this can help him feel more motivated to learn. If your child has an older sibling, you can also ask them to help tutor your younger child. This might also give Ate or Kuya a confidence boost from being the teacher.

    5. Encourage him.

    Some kids who “hate” school might no longer have the confidence in their ability to learn. Using positive reinforcement to help your child see his progress can lead to him developing a growth mindset and believe that his school performance can improve if he puts in the effort. “Just remember—the more your child senses your calm confidence in their abilities, the more they will believe in themselves,” Motherly writes.

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