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  • Look, Ma, No Hands! 3 Ways Babywearing Helps Multitasking Moms In a Pandemic

    Baby carriers help these Pinay moms cope with the demands of working from home and caring for baby.
    by Grace Bautista .
Look, Ma, No Hands! 3 Ways Babywearing Helps Multitasking Moms In a Pandemic
PHOTO BY (FROM LEFT) Courtesy of Kristine Bugasto and Camille Hernandez
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    Probably 90% of babywearing pictures I see online are of parents and babies outdoors — walking in the streets, in a park, or in nature. Knowing that many of us now stay at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I wondered: do parents still find baby carriers useful now that we’ve been staying at home for almost a year?

    How babywearing helps parents during the pandemic

    We asked moms and dads in our online community, Smart Parenting Village, the same question and unsurprisingly, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

    Here are the ways baby carriers make life easier for moms even at home, especially at home.

    A lifesaver for work-from-home parents

    Ngiting tagumpay si baby!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Kristine Luares Bugasto

    Now that many parents are working from home, it becomes much more difficult to escape their babies’ incessant demands to be carried. Carriers are a big help, especially for moms, to keep the baby calm while still being productive at work.

    "Kahit magtago ako sa ibang room, alam pa din ni baby na nasa bahay lang ako. Ayaw niya pabuhat sa iba at ayaw din dumede sa bottle. Gusto nya sa akin lang! Kaya para makapag-trabaho ako, kinuha ko na si baby at nilagay sa carrier.” — Kristine Luares Bugasto

    “Very helpful ang babywearing kahit nasa bahay lang. May times na ayaw magpababa ni baby so our trusted SSC (soft structured carrier) or woven wrap is handy during simple chores like paglalaba or pag-aayos ng gamit.

    "I'm also working from home at 'pag may urgent [tasks], we babywear. My little girl is 18 months old and we've been using our carriers since she was 4 weeks old.” — Camille Hernandez

    A safe way to carry baby when going out

    Mommy Lea prefers woven wraps since they are versatile and easy to clean.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Lea Manille Tee-Ching
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    Probably the only time parents go out with their babies is when they go to the doctor for immunization and well baby checkups. Moms say they love how their carrier is a safe way to carry their little ones. Some even use the nursing cover not only to breastfeed discreetly, but to protect their baby since it’s not advisable for babies to wear masks.

    “I use the i-Angel Miracle for my second born. Ngayong naka-work from home pa rin kami ng husband ko, nakakatulong siya kapag kailangan kong magsampay at walang mapag-iiwanan kay baby.

    "We also use it during checkups. We use the nursing cover [to cover the baby] since bawal mag-mask ang mga babies. Super helpful!” — Dang Cahanding-Ceñir

    “Very helpful ang baby carrier. Kapag vaccine time naka-carrier lang siya. Maishare ko lang, while walking going to Health Center (December 2020) nadulas ako sa humps ng subdivision namin, literally sa guardhouse talaga. Syempre,nagsigawan mga tao at sinabi 'Hala, yung baby!'

    Tumayo ako ng maayos without any help then nagsabi ako sa mga nakakita na "Okay lang po siya (baby)." Haha. But honestly, hindi kasi talaga masakit at okay si baby. Todo sipsip lang siya sa kamay niya. Haha. Kaya super duper helpful si carrier sa akin.” — Chris Kilap-Nepomuceno

    “Super big help ang baby carriers because you’re hands-free while carrying baby. At mas marami ka ring magagawang chores. You can also breastfeed baby discreetly habang nasa carrier siya. Mas mabilis din ibaba si baby kapag nakatulog.” — Lea Manille Tee-Ching


    Enables multitasking for parents

    "My little girl is 18 months old and we've been using our carriers since she was 4 weeks old," shares Mommy Camille.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Camille Hernandez

    Now that we’re all staying at home, the chores are never-ending. Baby carriers are helpful in keeping baby safe while the parents are busy with housework.

    “Kapag naglalaba po and si baby ay may topak humahabol pag magsasampay ayan naka-carrier sya sa front ko.” — Lalaine Villarba Magboo

    “Super helpful [ang carrier] lalo na at very clingy si baby. I can do almost all chores, even cooking, with her on the waist type carrier.” — Phia Mendoza Palatino

     “Sobrang helpful ng baby carrier sa amin. Lalo na at may paka-clingy si baby. Malayo lang ako ng konti sa kanya e nagwawala na talaga. Nakakapaghugas ako ng plato, and nakakapaglaba at sampay ako while babywearing.” — Noren Duyao-Diaz

     Answers have been edited for clarity.


    If you want to try babywearing, or are still in search of the best carrier for your needs, read up more on this topic here and here.

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