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Here's Why You Should Take Your Kids Out On One-On-One Dates Like Doug And Kendra Kramer
  • Going on dates with Cheska Garcia-Kramer is not the only ones Doug Kramer goes on, he also takes out each of his kids on individual dates.

    Just recently, he took out the Kramer’s eldest who just entered her teenage years, Kendra. “As much as he loves to date me, he also looks forward to one on one dates with the kids too, Cheska wrote on an Instagram post.

    She says dating each child was an idea Doug had. “My kids always look forward to their individual dates with us. It doesn’t really matter where we are or go for as long as they have our undivided time and attention.

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    Cheska lists a few benefits, including a child feeling loved. “Dating them makes them feel valuable and makes them feel time with them is important to us as parents.


    What do they do during these dates? “It’s also a good time to catch up, and hear them out–without having to compete for attention.”

    What goes on during one-on-one dates

    Doug also shared about his date with Kendra on his Instagram account. “Glad we had quality time tonight and had our heart to heart talk sweetheart.”

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    Cheska said on her post that Doug and Kendra’s date was part of their preparations to transition her from homeschooling to conventional school. The celebrity parents wanted to remind her of their family’s ground rules and boundaries, “respect for self, honoring her parents’ trust, and never ever forgetting her convictions.”

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    Kendra’s post shows she had a great time with her dad. “I had so much fun tonight, Daddy! We should do this more often! Thank you so much for bringing me out today!

    She adds, “I love you soooo much, Daddy! Tonight was memorable.”

    Looks like one-on-one dates with kids are not just parent-approved, it’s child-approved too!


    Tips for spending one-on-one time with kids

    1. Remember that it helps kids feel loved and may help with self-confidence.

    Very Well Family says spending one-on-one time with kids is very important. “Giving them individual attention is key to helping you develop a healthy relationship.

    It adds, “It can also help kids feel loved and it may help build self-confidence.” 

    2. Focus on quality than quantity. 

    The same site says quality over quantity is what parents should live by when thinking about the time spent with kids. Spending ten minutes per day with each child and giving them your undivided attention than spending “five hours in the same room using separate devices.

    When you spend one-on-one time with your child, whether through a date like Doug and Kendra or simply making the most out of sitting in traffic with a child, remember to listen to your child. Make good eye contact–of course if you’re not driving–“and engage in healthy interaction during your time together.


    Quick tip: Disconnect and make sure to put your phone away during your one-on-one time with your child except for those quick selfies.

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    If you can’t exactly go on dates yet because the kids are too young, maximize what you already do have. One way is to spend 10 to 15 minutes with a child during a designated time, like after dinner on Wednesday. Then rotate the kids on your schedule.

    When they’re older, you can schedule longer sessions like an actual date.

    3. Don’t worry about teaching.

    The site says do not quiz your kids or ask them to perform. This can interfere with your quality time. If your child is older than the toddler or preschool years, try not to start your dates with lectures or lessons. Think of it primarily as an opportunity to get into your child’s world and to know what they care about and what their dreams are.

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