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Regine Velasquez And Leila Alcasid Discuss Their Relationship As Stepmom And Stepdaughter
PHOTO BY courtesy of Instagram/@ogiealcasid, YouTube/Regine Velasquez
  • For the first episode of the new Real Talk segment on her YouTube channel, singer Regine Velasquez sat down with her stepdaughter Leila Alcasid and chatted with her about step-parenting while doing their makeup!

    Their conversation, which was divided into two videos, delved into the difficulties they encountered in their relationship, how their relationship has developed, and more.

    Here are five of our favorite moments from Regine and Leila’s conversation

    1. The reason why Leila moved to the Philippines

    Leila moved to the Philippines in January 2017, but it was during a 2016 vacation here when she first felt a connection with Manila. Her half-brother Nate was also part of why she wanted to move here permanently.

    “I’d see you guys more often, but with him, I’d see him once a year. So every time I saw him, he was a year older. And it was really difficult to build a relationship with him and also with you and Dad just because, like, you can’t build a solid relationship when you’re not seeing each other that often.”

    Though it was tough to leave her family and friends in Australia, Leila eventually decided to make the big move, comforted by the thought of her family in the Philippines.

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    2. How Regine, Ogie, and Michelle worked towards an amicable relationship

    Regine got emotional while discussing how she had hurt Leila and her sister Sarah at the time of her husband Ogie Alcasid’s separation with the girls’ mom Michelle van Eimeren. She even said that she had initially wanted to break up with Ogie because she didn’t want to hurt his family.


    Then, she had a talk with Michelle, who asked her to promise that her children would always have their father. “I promised her yes so whenever you need him, he will always be there. Because I promised her that kahit ano pa, kahit ano pang mangyari dito basta kailangan ka ng mga anak mo, you will go to them and that would be okay with me.”

    Through that, Regine, Ogie, and Michelle consciously decided to work on their relationship and set a good example for Leila and Sarah. “Ang pag-uusap namin na you have four parents, diba? You have two sets of parents, you have two dads and two moms. And that’s how we all worked on our relationship na apat kaming magkakasama, bringing the kids up,” said Regine.

    3. Regine’s efforts at a relationship with Leila

    Regine’s relationship with Leila wasn’t always great. Leila admitted that there was a time when she held a grudge against her dad and stepmom, which initially made her not want to move to the Philippines. Regine recognized this as well but decided to put in the effort to have a bond with Leila.

    Her approach? Be a friend. “Actually, we had a conversation about this, e, na ayokong maging nanay niya kasi meron na siyang nanay, e. Parang she didn’t really need me to be her mom kasi she already has her mom.”

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    4. Regine’s nuggets of wisdom for Leila

    Eventually, Regine’s maternal instincts took over when Leila went through a phase of constant partying and staying out until late. Though she initially asked Ogie to take charge, Regine later decided to have a serious talk with her stepdaughter.

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    “She basically said something along the lines of, I wasn’t really loving myself enough, ‘cause at the time, I wasn’t,” said Leila. “I was going through this phase where I just didn’t appreciate myself, and so I would put myself in these situations where I was looking for validation from other people.

    “She said that to me, and I’d never had anyone say it to me. And then, because she was also crying, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, she really cares about me!’ And it was a defining moment for me because I’ve never forgotten that…”

    5. Regine and Leila’s special bond

    Leila was hugely impacted by having Regine remind her of how loved she was and how important it was for her to value herself more. It helped her realize just how deep their relationship had become.

    “It was one of the times where I really felt like you really felt like a mom and I realized that we had built a very special relationship,” Leila said. “As time’s gone on… I don’t come to you as often for those kinds of talks [but] I know you’re still there if I do, in the event, need it.”

    Watch the first part of their conversation below:

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