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  • 'I Sang For More Than An Hour!' Kind Stranger's Lullabies Soothe Crying Baby On A Plane

    The baby was traveling with his grandpa and his grandma, and neither of them could make him stop crying.
    by Maika Bernardo .
'I Sang For More Than An Hour!' Kind Stranger's Lullabies Soothe Crying Baby On A Plane
PHOTO BY Jessa Loreta Billano-Cajandig
  • Let's get real. Your baby crying nonstop on a plane is up there on your list of fears.

    But one thing that works wonders is the kindness of strangers.

    A heartwarming story, once upon a plane ride

    Jessa Loreta Billano-Cajandig shares her heartwarming story in the Smart Parenting Village:

    "This little boy was restless when our plane took off. He was traveling with his grandpa and [his] grandma, and neither of them could make him stop [crying].

    PHOTO BY Jessa Loreta Billano-Cajandig

    "I felt so sorry. I know how it feels to have a crying baby in public—especially in a flight—so I offered him disinfected toys. Good thing may mga pabaong toys ang baby girl ko sa bag ko. 

    "But [this] didn't work, so I showed him videos on my phone instead. Still, [it] didn't work.

    "He was crying so loud other passengers got concerned too, so I offered to sing lullabies.


    "I sang over and over, for more than an hour, 20-plus kids' songs, with [everyone on the] plane listening to my voice. They had no choice. But the little boy loved it! Every time I stopped to breathe or lower my volume, he would cry again, so lumaban ako, mamsh. 

    "Eventually, he fell asleep. Whew! Nanuyo aking throat, pero worth it! The grandparents [and everyone else on the plane could] relax, too. Plus, nakatulog din [ang] husband [ko]."

    PHOTO BY Jessa Loreta Billano-Cajandig

    Jessa went beyond sympathy and did something to soothe the fussy baby: going the extra mile for a complete stranger—and sharing lessons about traveling with your little one along the way. 

    To watch the video, join the Smart Parenting Village and click here.

    Why do babies cry on airplanes?

    "One of the main reasons babies cry on planes is that they are not good at pressure equalization in the middle ear," Dr. Simon Baer, a consultant ENT surgeon in the United Kingdom, tells Live Science.

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    They can't handle changes in air pressure during ascent and descent as well as adults.

    "Tricks [such as] chewing gum, yawning, [and] drinking through a straw during takeoff and landing all help, but these are obviously not things a baby can do," says Gordon Harrison, an audiologist, also to Live Science.

    How to deal

    Especially during ascent and descent, nurse or bottle-feed your baby to deal with the air-pressure problem. 

    Check with your airline its policies regarding breastmilk and formula. Is a certain quantity of milk allowed as part of your carry-on? And while you're at it, ask about checking in strollers, too.

    Lullabies for your little one, as Jessa has proven, also calms them down. Remember that they're stressed out by changes in air pressure. Your baby won't mind if you're off-key—just sing to them.

    And who knows? A fellow passenger with a heart of gold may just lend their golden voice.

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