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7 Things To Consider When Choosing Daycare For Your Child
  • As much as parents may want to care for their little one all day, having a full-time job or the lack of a caregiver means they need to entrust their child’s care to someone else. A daycare center is an option parents can use to look after their child while they’re away.

    Daycare is not a standard service in the Philippines compared to other countries. So, it is crucial to know what you need to look for when choosing a daycare for your child.

    Why it’s essential to choose quality daycare

    According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), all of a child’s early experiences, regardless of whether they occur at home, in a childcare facility, or elsewhere, are educational, which further emphasizes the need to choose a quality daycare.

    The AAP says when a child receives care that is consistent, emotionally supportive, and appropriate to his age, development, and temperament, he and his family experience lots of positive effects.

    The benefits of quality child care include enhanced brain growth and child development, improved language and math skills (leading to academic success), better social skills, interpersonal relationships, self-regulation, and even lower adolescent pregnancy and juvenile crime rates.

    To learn more about the research-backed benefits of daycare, click here.

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    What to consider when choosing a daycare for your child

    Research has found that putting your child in a daycare center can let him reap lots of behavioral benefits and might even be a good way to prime him for when it’s time for him to go to school. To know how to choose a daycare for your child, here are factors you should consider.



    The cost might be one of the most important factors parents consider when choosing a daycare for their child. The fees required by a center may depend on where it is located and the services it provides. Make sure to also ask about the payment schemes offered by the center.

    The center’s accreditation and reputation

    Take the time to know about the accreditation or certification of the center you are considering. Has it been certified and licensed by reputable government agencies and organizations? While this won’t guarantee that it will be the most suitable center for your child, you’ll at least know that it has been recognized by the government and other reputable institutions.

    What to Expect also advises talking to former and current clients of that daycare center and asking them about their and their children’s experience there. Their input can give you an idea of whether that center could be good for your child or not.

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    Staff qualifications

    When it comes to how to choose a daycare, don’t forget to look into the qualifications of the people working there since they will possibly be tasked with looking after your child. According to What to Expect, daycare center employees should have a background in early childhood development, CPR, and first aid. In contrast, a daycare center director should have a degree in early childhood education, says BabyCenter.

    The center’s curriculum

    BabyCenter writes that the best daycare centers implement structured schedules that include individual and group activities, physical activity, quiet time, meals, snacks, and free time. If the curriculum of the center you are considering includes watching videos, see to it that the videos being shown are age-appropriate and educational. “A well-thought-out curriculum stimulates your child’s development and makes daily life more fun.”

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    How the staff handles common childcare issues

    According to What to Expect, the way the staff interacts with children is a crucial factor to consider to choose a daycare. How do caregivers speak to the kids? What discipline methods do they use? How they handle conflicts among kids? What do they do when a child refuses to nap or eat? Consider how they interact with the parents of the children in the center as well.

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    The environment

    To choose a daycare, check whether cleanliness is maintained there. BabyCenter writes, “Floors, walks, walls, and the kitchen area should be clean, food preparation areas should be far from toilets and diaper changing stations, trash shouldn't be left sitting unemptied, and the building should be adequately heated, lit, and ventilated. Staff should wash their hands regularly, and after every diaper change.”

    Make sure the center also observes basic safety rules. For example, toys and other play equipment should be in good condition. If the center has an outdoor play area, there should be staff members watching over the kids while they’re playing there. There should also be staff members making sure the kids don’t leave the premises unattended and that unauthorized individuals aren’t permitted to enter.

    The center’s rules

    Finally, to know how to choose a daycare, learn about its regulations and practices. What are its policies on handling sick children or enrolling unvaccinated kids? Are parents and guardians encouraged to participate in activities and allowed to drop by unannounced? How many children are handled by each staff member? What kinds of meals does the center provide kids? If possible, ask the center to give you a copy of its rules, so you know that it takes its responsibility seriously.


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